[Unanswered]  Which bey blade launch / rip cords do you use?

I Myself use the regular one that comes with the beyblade burst. im able to get a ok grip on it and rip it ok. BUT I want to here what you guys are rocking with!
Most players in my area seem to use the LR Beylauncher (or the ChoZ Achilles variant) the most.

I personally suck with string launchers, as I often fail to get a consistently good launch. I prefer to use an LR Light Launcher along with the winder that comes with Spriggan Requiem starter set. I know that the winder from Ace Dragon starter set is longer, but the vertical grip feels awkward to use in my hands. As long as I can get a consistent activation of the ChoZ Burst Stopper beys I'd consider it good enough
Generally use the Phoenix Rip cord launcher or the TT RL string launcher (Blue), but I usually defeault to the Phoenix launcher
I use normal white light launcher from hasbro. beyblade burst.
I use a regular TT string launcher. Hope to get an LR launcher soon though