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Full Version: Which bey blade launch / rip cords do you use?
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I Myself use the regular one that comes with the beyblade burst. im able to get a ok grip on it and rip it ok. BUT I want to here what you guys are rocking with!
Most players in my area seem to use the LR Beylauncher (or the ChoZ Achilles variant) the most.

I personally suck with string launchers, as I often fail to get a consistently good launch. I prefer to use an LR Light Launcher along with the winder that comes with Spriggan Requiem starter set. I know that the winder from Ace Dragon starter set is longer, but the vertical grip feels awkward to use in my hands. As long as I can get a consistent activation of the ChoZ Burst Stopper beys I'd consider it good enough
Generally use the Phoenix Rip cord launcher or the TT RL string launcher (Blue), but I usually defeault to the Phoenix launcher
Sword launcher
I use normal white light launcher from hasbro. beyblade burst.
I use a regular TT string launcher. Hope to get an LR launcher soon though
now i use dual threat launcher. string launcher. from hasbro
I like using string and light launchers but I have broken at least 5 string launchers with 4 moths an a phoenix long winder as well as a dragon winder launcher in a week. Probably cause I like launching as hard as I can. So far the only launchers that haven't broken for me are the b-141 long beylauncher L and the light launcher that came with wizard fafnir.
I use a Takara R/L launcher. I own two, but I should own three. Maybe four...hmmmmm. Yeah, five.
i use a green slingshock hasbro launcher exept for my kinda life hacked left spin krebuas which i use a white hasbro launcher
For practice: LR BeyLaunchers (red), LR Long Winder Light Launchers (winders either from Sr, Ace or Venom sets), Long Beylauncher L (from Free's set that came with Proof). For the lolz I try to emulate some of the anime launches (most of the time it fails), and I actually almost dislocated my pulling arm in an effort to replicate Drum's alternate launch.

For player-run tournaments: LR Long BeyLauncher (from czA set) on right spin and a beat up LR BeyLauncher (red, busted right spin mode) on left spin
Normal TT B-129 over here. Not a fan of my Cho-Z Achilles LR variant. It has a weird grind when I pull it. Also a bit too powerful for attack combos...
The original sword launcher
I personally prefer using the dragon and phoenix winders, but they both broke pretty soon(anyone know how to fix them?). Now I'm using the Cho-Z Achilles Long LR Beylauncher and the Z Achilles set Long Beylauncher. They're much more durable.
Cho-Z Achilles launcher is my favorite by far.
Then Long L or R launchers.
Blue LR Launcher with attack and stamina types
Phoenix launcher for defence and balance.