[Unanswered]  Strategy :How to beat Spriggan Requiem

So the question is how to beat Spriggan Requiem on Zeta with Nightmare Longinus or Drain Fafnir or God Valkyrie on stock combos with some strategies.
You don't need those
Victory valkriye on a completely awakened variable is enough
nL should be more than enough. You just need a Lot of practice of Sliding shoot
i suggest a multispin bey and maybe a balance type so maybe something like defense or a stamina type but a suggest a stamina
Even stock Cho-Z Achilles will always beat any spriggan requiem combination.

Any left-spin Sr combo > lower the driver and you'll win by LAD
Left spin bearing, or literally anything else > you can burst it
If you want a 100% victory, get a Revive phoenix or Dead Phoenix. But just Nightmare Longinus gives a 50% range win rate.
(Mar. 16, 2019  10:27 AM)Aadi Lui Wrote: So the question is how to beat Spriggan Requiem on Zeta with Nightmare Longinus or Drain Fafnir or God Valkyrie on stock combos with some strategies.

I guess... but what if Spriggan is in left spin defense or offense? ... not trying to start anything, I'm just asking...

As for how to defeat it with other parts? Well, with my experience with him, I'd start by considering the spin direction and mode. If it's in Left Attack or Stamina mode, most likely, it will act like nightmare longinus or drain fafnir. Left Defense will go down easy... so long as you have a combo with descent stamina. 

Next, here's some parts that would beat him (If you don't like my lists, sorry... I'll try to make it actually agreeable):

Atomic: Atomic's free spinning allows not only stamina, but also offense and agility. To be honest, Atomic is best for beating all the left spin beys exept for Heat Salamander's offence and Defense forms... it can beat offense top, defense tip, but it varies with the other way around.

Loop: Loop, despite its outdated status, is good against... well... anything except Eternal and Yard. Loop wiroks best on Kenetic Satomb and any part that has small blades like Odax single and dual layer, Forneus, Jinnus etc.

4, tripple, Upper (Metal) and 13: These lightweight metals provide not only good looks, but also some decent weight when you're low on stamina.

Last, I'd consider the stadium being used. Any large stadium or the Railway Stadium, I'd go for speed.
 For any of the basic stadiums like Blue, I'd focus on trying to stay away from the center as much as possible. Any stadium with an interference with the center or dents like the chaos core and Slingshock stacium, I'd attack the center as much as possible. If there's a stadium with an unique feature such as the Battle Tower or Avatar Attack, I'd stay in the center.

With all these in mind, going for the center means using a light launch with the bey in the opposite direction of Spriggian. Attacking the center means you might have to use a rubber tip for attacks. Pretty much, use speed, your knowladge and your surroundings to your advantage and you can acomplish anything... not just beyblade, but in real life too  Unsmith
nL stock might win if opposite spin, by soft launching. if same spin, you're better off stalling in the tornado ridge until Sr loses stamina

dF stock won't hold a candle to same spin Sr since it is too prone to Bursting, might have a chance against opposite spin though heavy hits from Sr is still risky

gV stock is trash, even on Ul. stay away from it.
Cho-Z Achilles 7/00?/10 Meteor/Bump Destroy/Destroy' might do the trick by KO, or maybe a close outspin. If Sr is in right spin, this is nearly guaranteed victory.

Perfect Phoenix 0/10?/00? Cross/Glaive? Eternal?/Xtend+ just might outspin Sr, provided the Dead Armor doesn't pop off as soon as you launch. (I've had this happen 3-5 times at the last tournament alone.) If Sr is in right spin, you'll probably win.

Bloody Longinus 0?/00?/10/7 Bump/Meteor X'(sliding shoot) will probably KO, or Burst Sr, or if Sr is on Bearing, OS. (maybe) If your Sliding Shoot skills are unreliable, Atomic can work too.

Only works if Sr is in right spin.