[Unanswered]  A question concerning borrowing Beyblades

In my school, there’s a lot who love Beyblades, but when I let them borrow Beyblades from my collection, it’s hard to go on without the others thrashing the Beyblades around, putting all my parts in the wrong places, and not really being careful with damaging the Beyblades or launchers. I want to have a safe beyblading environment for if my make a club. (These people are high schoolers btw)
Do not lend any part you aren't willing to see destroyed. Sounds like some of your club members can't be trusted to take good care of club equipment. May I suggest lending the good parts only to members who haven't had a history of part destruction.
do they have beyblades if so see if they are in good hands and ask them if they have beyblades to bring one over so u can see if their in good shape