Un-Official Hometown Tournament Essendon Vic.

Hey there Australian Bladers Smile And specifically, Essendon Bladers.

I'm holding an unofficial Tournament to see who the best blader from our town, Essendon, is. I thought it'd be a great idea Smile It would be nice to get this to be a WBO event, but i thought it would be more of a community event! The event would determine who the strongest bladers around are and it would be a chance for us all to meet up. But this Comp is for ESSENDON BLADERS ONLY. NO Strathmore or Moonee ponds or whatever. Only Essendon. I also thought it would be a good idea seeing that there aren't any tournaments for Melbourne bladers in the next 2 or 3 months. Now to Details:

Name of Tournament: The Bladers of Heart VIC.
Time and Date: Jan 9th 2011 at 12.00 in the afternoon onwards.
Place: Salmon Reserve ( Near where the last tourney was held. It is next to Woodlands Park near Coles.)
Map: Most Essendon Bladers would know its whereabouts but here is the link:

http://maps.google.com.au/ ( Then type in: Woodlands Park, Albert Park, Victoria)

Bladers competing:
Lauren+Leone (me)

( PM me so i can put you on the list ^^ )

Well there aren't really any prizes accept the right to be called Essendon's Best blader. And you get to have heaps of fun

Other Important Info:
There will also be fun battle's and 4 ways People wishing to sell items are also welcome as long as you are from Essendon of coarse.

Can't wait to see you all there. Of course because it's not a WBO event there will be no points for grabs but it will be loads off fun. Although the same rules apply as they would for an official tourney like no touching the stadium, no libra wheel etc.
Thanks for stopping by! And goooood Luck !!!! Grin

A free picture?
Useless comment. Was it nesesary.
You spelt course wrong...

Anyway, I might be coming Uncertain
i would come if you weren't aiming it to essodon players. it's hard getting to essodon anyway.
Ye i just want to see who the strongest in my town is.