Tournament results...

Bladers that entered:
Austin w/ Inferno gil 100sd
Andrew w/ Pirate Oroji w105rsf
Nathaniel w/ Cyclone Phoenix 100hf
Ben w/ Lighting ldrago 100hf
Jimmy w/ Dark Gasher sw145sd
Jonathan w/ Cosmic Unicorno 230wd
Cody (me) w/bahamoot Phoenix t125sd

Round 1 Cody 3-0 Andrew
Round 2 Austin 1-3 Jimmy
Round 3 Jonathon 3-2 Ben
Round 4 Nathaniel 3-2 Ben
Semi-finals 1 Cody 3-1 Jimmy
Semi-finals 2 Jonathon 3-2 Nathaniel
FINALS Cody 3-0 Jonathon
I WON!!!!! YES!!!! they all did really well.

I am the best blader in the town. I have to teach them more about the game. Then they will beat me someday. We did everyone vs me and I one all of them.
Just asking what did you used? But congrats on your victory!!
He used Bahamoot Phoenix T125 SD. And congratulations!