Tournament Report: One Punch Man VS Superman! 8-14-22

This was a ranked, bst, pc31 event in Tukwila, Wa, on August 14th 2022.

It was great to host and play with this community again after a 2 month break. Once again we played at Foster High School. Although I might stop hosting at this location. Before this spot had 2 high quality canopies which helped with shade and rain. I think they took them down bc the new school year is starting. We moved into the shade and there was a decent breeze but it was still a pretty hot day here.

We had 14 people sign up and 12 people attend. Not a bad turnout and at least half of them were new players. A HUGE shout out to CodyDragonLane and his father for bringing cookies for us all! Also Aiden songco and his dad are legends! They saved our event and kept it moving fast, but more on that later.

This was our first time playing p3c1 in the PNW. After everyone was familiar with the rules it ran smoothly. I decided to start playing p3c1 bc I heard it is a competitive format. Also 1v1 felt safer before Xiphoid. A player could sit on DynaF bearing' and be relatively safe for the entire event. Now that the meta is almost perfectly balanced, 1v1 feels like too much of a gamble in the first stage. I will dare to say I like DB/BU better than GT or any other generation. I think the meta TT made for this year is now super balanced and creative. 

Guilty was the most popular bey of the day. We also had a fair amount of prominence in the first stage. I was the only one with the Achilles set parts, and codydragonlane was the only one with xiphoid.

I decide not to play Achilles bc I am not skilled with it yet. The 4 armor and chip are good for balance and teeth strength so I only played those in finals. I used Devil F Perseus Over Bearing' 0 all day.

In the first match up I played against a new player named Cupcake . She was using hasbro beys and had a strong launch. I got the first point with a spin finish. On the second launch I messed up and pulled weak but decided not to call mislaunch. This turned out to be the right move bc my devil got a slow motion burst against her bey. It was 3-0 but Cupcake did amazing for her first event!

Round 2 was a tough one. I was up against Xorn23 and his famous Prominence combo. He has the best moment driver ever manufactured. It keeps up with bearing' in terms of LAD. We had a close game but I got the win. Xorn23 is one of the best bladers in WA with out a doubt. His collection keeps expanding and his combos are always improving.

Master_Dante was my next opponent. This was a fun match bc Master_Dante comes to many events and we are friends. It was a good match but I cant remember what he played. He is also friends with Dylan2000, the winner of Plot Armor's last event. Those two mean business and always do very well. 

Next I played another first time blader named Prince jamerson . He is the brother of Cupcake and Dragons den I think. They all had great parts and great combos. I was worried about this match. He had a good record and a good combo. I think it was Dangerous on All-might but I could be wrong. I won this match also but Prince jamerson is not the blader to underestimate. I would bet he will be in the finals next time.

This is the point in the event when the unfortunate happened. Dylan2000 had his guilty Longings and Codydragonlane had his Xiphoid ready to battle. This was literally One punch VS superman!! The stadium they played in already had a small crack (repaired with tape) from a previous event. They played their second game of that match and Guilty busted through the stadium wall like Saitama. I included a pic in the drive folder so you can see the damage. I will still try to repair it and use it for testing at home.

This is where Aiden Songco and his dad saved the day like superman. They had an extra b-33 stadium (the clear one) and let us use it for the rest of the preliminaries. Without this we would have been slowed down tremendously. Thanks again, you two are legends!

Finally I played Dragons den in round 5. This was a scary match. I remember he had me on my last click twice and almost burst me. The wall and I are friends so it saved me several times in this match. I cant believe I won that one. I was sure he would burst me and come back from behind. Dragons den is an up and coming blader to watch out for.

I ended the first stage with a score of 5-0.

We had a few other cool things happen at this event. A guilty on destroy got stuck on the upper stadium and did a tight-rope launch. Also Leftburst#2 won our raffle for the Beyblade Premier Jersey.

Everyone did great in this event. There were too many cool combos to name, and a lot of first time players did really well. Unfortunately with this number of players we could only have 4 finalists.

From block A: I got first with 5-0 and Xorn23 got second with 4-1.
From block B: Plot Armor got first with 5-0 and Dylan2000 got second with 4-1

This meant that I played Dylan2000 and Plot Armor played against Xorn in the semi-finals.

I won the match against Dylan. He had a powerful Guilty combo that earned him 3 points. I got it with a score of 5-3. He has a great sense for how to launch and counter launch. Great job to Dylan2000 for making finals at 2 events in a row! (he had to go home early and told us he forfeit the 3rd place match.) 

Plot Armor beat Xorn23 in a very close match. Both players made skillful switches and battled well. I think the final score was also 5-3. These were very competitive semi final matches.
All 4 of us are judges and also have made finals before. It was challenging but very entertaining.

I was 6-0 and Plot Armor had the same record going into the finals. One of us would go undefeated today. It was him. I lost pretty hard to his deck, I think 2-5. He had unique combos and had a genius counter-pick for his first bey choice. I thought he would play it safe on dynaF but he went with Roar on drift. I chose my World Drift combo also trying to counter pick but he beat me with the weight. Even with me tossing the stadium and kicking a chair afterwards this was a great match lol jk. I wish I had an attack type in my deck today.

This is my first time getting second at a ranked event. I am looking forward to my silver bit. Xorn23 got third place and Plot Armor took home the gold.

Congrats to everyone who played today! Thanks for trying out this format with us and braving the heat! Also thank you to all of the supportive guardians for driving and joining us out there today!

A decagon sized thank to all the judges who kept this tournament under 2 and a half hours long: Plot Armor, Xorn23, Dylan2000.

Check out our next event on the tournament page: Teampalooza! Battle Seattle!

Here is a Google Drive link with pics and videos from this event:
man i am so sad that i missed this event but man Zektor i have no words for your staidium but someone GUILTY did this