Top 5 Best GT Beys (in the anime, not IRL)

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5. Venom Diabolos - I love the way the bey performs and I prefer it over Erase like many. I don't understand why Delta kept using Erase, but Venom got neglected. I wished we could have gotten a Dark Turbo on Venom/Erase Diabolos when Delta was "possessed" and hunting for opponents. The Mini bullet bey is very cool in the anime, and has 

4. Union Achilles - I just loved Achilles in GT especially the avatar looks very good, one of my fav avatars for sure. The bey was supposedly average in terms of importance in the anime, and may not be the best bey competitively but I have a sweet spot for Achilles hence pfp.

3. Dread Bahamut - Dread Gyro was one crazy move, plus Dark Turbo on Bahamut on top fitted extremely well in that one final episode for Bahamut. (I believe this is the end for Bahamut line.) The bey looks very cool with the Dark Turbo that just has to be mentioned. Personally, it looks even better than Prime Apocalypse (Dark turbo ver). 

2. Master Dragon - I like the part where Master Dragon uses Rainbow Turbo, I used to not like it when it was announced and I thought it would look wacky. When I look at it now, it grows on me and I'm actually a fan of it. The way Dragon, Diabolos, and Ashura are their for the avatar is just very cool and unique. Better than when Sisco used Vortex frame on Satan and both Valkyrie and Satan fused powers for sure Master Dragon beats that. 

1. Big Bang Genesis - I love the way how the bey looks and personally Genesis is one of my favorite lines in GT mainly because it introduced those cool electric drivers that was a game changer in the anime. The superior turbo on it looks alright it changes every dark color it had, personally I would have preferred Dark Turbo on genesis since Gwyn has gone evil. But I'd see why it can't have Dark Turbo. Gwyn's moves are typical, but Big Bang Pulse is just one heck of a defense moves that's just impossible to break if used multiple times.
5. Heaven Pegasus- I like how it uses the lock to not burst and it has a ton of stamina. And Lock Reverse is an awesome move for a stamina type for Pegasus. So is Heavens Thunder. It shows just how much attack power a stamina type has.

4. Erase Diabolos- I like how the extra mini tip comes out and how it attacks dealing even more damage to the opposing bey. Bullet Impact is my favorite move because it pushes the bey back. Too bad it got destroyed by Apocalypse.

3. Imperial/Master Dragon- I like how the Ignition driver moves left and right and how it can ''awaken'' by the opponent pushing the rubber blades back. And Master Dragon doing Rainbow Turbo is no easy task. #KICKGWYNSA**.

2. Bigbang Genesis- The most unique and amazing part about this bey is the Bigbang armor. This bey is 99.9% impossible to burst with its Hybrid tip for speed and spin, and it's defensive layer. This bey packs a punch and it's a challenge for most beys to beat. And Gwyn beating Delta and Drum in the 2v2 shows just how much that Genesis is a beat.

1. Master Diabolos- My favorite bey in the anime. Master Diabolos beating Apocalypse, Dragon, Ashura, Bahamut, Fafnir, Pegasus, maybe was going to beat Achilles, and almost beating Genesis just shows that he is a god at blading. My favorite move is Master Upper because it can literally one shot any bey.
(sry no reason to lazy)

5.Union Achilles
4.Imperial Dragon
3.Master Diabolos
4.Big Bang Genesis
1.Master Dragon
5 - Prime Apocalypse: It is the first bey in anime that have Infinite Lock System, and defeat Aiga with absolute advantage. It should be more powerful with the Bigbang Armor.
4 - Regalia Genesis: This Bey has both Infinite Lock System and electric Driver, and it defeat Drum easily when he had just defeat Arthur, and it had never lose in any round.
3 - Master Diabolos: No specific reason.
2 - Imperial Dragon: No specific reason.
1 - Bigbang Genesis: It can almost get a draw even facing to Drum and Delta at the same time, and maybe the only Bey can defeat it is Master Dragon.
0 - Master Dragon (Maybe): The final measure that Drum can use to defeat Gywn.
5.) venom/Erase Diabolos, despite for gimmick being absent in the layer the driver tho makes its intresting in battles such as when delta fought against blint an uses the shining cross.
4.)Prime apocalypse, the first person who embarrassed aiga title with ease
3.)Master Diabolos, amazing moved pulled by this demon thingyy or whatever it is
2.)BigBang Genesis, by the power of math you can bend reality jokes aside this bey in the anime is pretty solid never lost at this point and UseS tHe SupIrioR Bing BAng
1.)Imperial/master Dragon, i likes how drum creates this bey and doesn't know the fullest potential its like dragon was the one who made his own but aside from that i likes how ignition woks in the anime
Well. Would maybe put valkyrie. But can’t rank valt cause he only had 1 battle
5. Union Achilles (Made Aiga Fodder This Season, which makes me sad)
4. Master Diabolos
3. Imperial Dragon
2. Big Bang Genesis
1. Master Dragon.
Really hoped to see valt and Aiga shine this season but nah, that’s not happening. Maybe in super king
5 wizard fafnir
4 venom diabolos
3 prime apocalypse
2 master diabolos
1bigbang genesis