Tokyo Jihen/Shiina Ringo

Bey Brad
Shiina Ringo is an awesome solo artist that Anne introduced me to. Here are some of her songs: (AMAZING)

She's also a member of an amazing band, Tokyo Jihen:

Check ALL of it out, as it's all pretty different.
That one song you sent me the other night where her voice was really nasally totally got on my nerves. But I liked the other ones you sent me where she didn't sound like she had a stuffy nose. lol
yeah the one you sent me was ehhh

i like hirano aya (or however its spelled) sometimes. only jpop artist i know
Love this performer/band. She's so versatile.
Haven't heard any other songs than the ones you showed me the other day, but I really like Le Salle de Bain and Honnou.

I like Yami ni Furu Ame best, followed by Honnou. Identity and La Salle de Bain were okay.

Actually, I take that back. La Salle de Bain was actually very good.
Hmm you're right, it's good.

What genre would you classify this under? I can't quite seem to place it...