TheRogueBlader’s Fanfics (Silas’s Beyblade Journey Re-Creation going)

I’ve done like 2 fanfics in the past, but they’re kinda messy and people didn’t read 1, but semi read another. To be more organized an put my fanfics in 1 place, I’m creating this thread. I might re-post my other fanfics here and continue them but I’m definitely gonna start some new ones. First fanfic in mind is re-creating Silas’s journey through BC Sol. Silas is my 2nd favorite character and he was actually supposed to be the 2nd seasons main character, this has been confirmed by Hirota Moritas Twitter, and a pic was shown on one of BeybladeDad’s video. His character development in the season was still amazing, but if he’d had been the main character his story would be even bigger! And that’s what’ll happen in this fanfic. I’ll do the chapters 1 by 1, when I have enough time. That said, enjoy the fanfics and I’m open to any criticism, tips, advice, etc…

The Beyblade Story from the Beggining Fanfic- I basically created a story of how phi became how he is, and I haven’t finished it, or posted another chapter in a while, but I could continue it eventually.
Note- any mistakes are just mistakes I made when writing this, I just copied and pasted this so it’s the same as when I wrote it.

Phis Story Chapter 2-
Phis Story Chapter 3-
Phi's story chapter 4-
Chapter 5 Phi’s Story-

Silas’s Beyblade Journey Re-creation Fanfiction!

Chapter 1- The newbie

Chapter 2- The Murasaki Mansion

Chapter 3- Exploring
Chapter 4- The Team
With Orochi, Silas, and Wakiya, as well as Hoji and the butler on the team, they had enough bladers to enter the team battles, which were about to start. However, they still had a lot to do. 
The team stood around a table and tried to think of a name for themselves.
Wakiya said, what about The Wyvrons ?
Silas and Orochi stared blankly and Wakiya stared back.
Hoji: Let’s worry about the name later guys, for now we should train and register into the team battles.
Silas: Hold up, I thought we had to have a certain rank or something to enter?
Wakiya: Seriously? How are you even a Blader if you don’t know that. Hoji mind explaining it?
Hoji: The team battles are a series anyone can enter, there are 3 bladers. You choose a different Blader each round, for 3 rounds and you only get 1 battle. After the 3rd battle, you can choose the same Blader multiple times. The first team to 3 points is the winner. After the team battles, the spectators and people who make the tournaments decide who moves on
Orochi: So what we need to do first is register, then study our opponents
Wakiya: Exactly! Sugihara will handle the registering, and we can wait
~after the registering~
Wakiya: Alright we are registered! Now let’s see who our opponents are for the first round
Sugihara: Our opponents are The Beasts. Featuring Ken Midori, Ben Azuki, and 3 others
Silas: Didn't you say something about Ken being on the beasts earlier Wakiya?
Wakiya: Yep, he and Ben came a long way back home. I don’t know what’s been going on with him recently, but I do know what he used to be like.
Silas: well spill the beans then. We’re waiting.
Wakiya: Ken uses a right spinning defense type bey called Kerbeus, but it doesn’t really have much going for it. It’s big, and weighs a ton. Plus it’s got a good grip on the stadium but that’s about it. Ken manages to pull off some neat moves with it though, and you can never predict what he’s gonna come at you with. His most recent technique involves Kerbeus slamming into the stadium and jumping over the other beys in the beginning. Ben Azuki is like Ken, but he uses a right spinning attack type bey called betromoth. Betromoth is like any other bey, except it’s base is much wider than any other bey and near the end of the battle, it speeds up rather than slowing down. Ben's most recent technique involves using the wide base to cause betromoth to take center and tilt over, but it’s still perfectly balanced and can be used as a defensive technique.
Orochi: So they use right spinning attack and defense types, where the defense type can be aggressive and the attack type can be defensive. It’s hard to predict what they’ll come at you with, and we know nothing about their 3rd Blader.
Wakiya: Yep, pretty much.
Silas: Well, I think we should go with Hoji, Satomb, and odax. Satomb would be able to defend against betromoth, Hoji can go around and dodge Ken, and odax can take out whoever their third Blader is.
The rest of the team: Yep, we agree. That’s our best bet.
Wakiya: I think we should see which bey is better at defense.
Silas: Alright, orochi. Attack us with everything you have. You go against Me, then wakiya. Whoever’s defense holds up better is the blader we should go with.
~the battles~
Hoji: Ready set! 3 2 1 let it rip!
Satomb! Roller defense!
Odax! Attack!
Sugihara: Odax’s attacks are deflected right off of Satomb with its roller defense!  
Odax! Harder! Harder! HARDER!
Sugihara: Odax sends Satomb flying!
Silas: Hang in there! Roller drift!
Orochi: Not on my watch! Galliant Sword!
Satomb is headed right towards Odax! How will Silas handle this!?
Satomb! Cyclone loop!
Satomb kicks off the side with cyclone loop and sweeps odax from the underneath while sliding under its blade!
Odax is knocked off balance!
Silas: Finish it!
Satomb comes back around and attacks odax hard! And it’s knocked out!
Orochi: Well, can’t say I saw that coming
Silas: Well Wakiya, let’s see how well you do

~ odax vs wyvron~
Wakiya (thinking): Satomb roller defense paid off. But odax aimed for its center, which is supposed to be the heaviest part of a bey, but after attacking harder and harder he knocked it back. Satomb was able to deliver a blow from underneath odax with roller drift and dodge with cyclone loop, then come back around and knock it out. If I play this out on the defense, and odax knocks me back, I can come right back at him and hard with hyper shield crash.
Hoji: Ready? Set! 3 2 1 let it rip!
Wyvron! Take center!
Odax! Attack!Harder! Harder! HARDER!
Wyvron is sent flying!
Wakiya: This is where it ends! Wyvron! Burst is with Hyper Shield Crash!
Orochi (thought): This isn’t good, but if I can get it from the back… I can use its momentum against it and slam it into the wall
Orochi: Odax! Move out!
Wakiya: What!?
Orochi: That’s it! Now get it from the back! Galliant Sword!
Wyvron is burst!
Wakiya: WHAAT!? BUT HOW!?
Silas: You were saying something?
Wakiya was still in disbelief.
Silas: Looks like we’re going with me, Hoji, and orochi. But Wakiya, you can be our sub.
Hoji: Now that we’ve decided our team, how do we prepare?
Sugihara: Well, the match is tomorrow, so I suggest we make sure our bladers are in mint condition.
Wakiya: And that includes the beys
Silas: What are you getting at?
Wakiya: I’m just gonna wait till you realize
~1 eternity later~
Silas: Uuuuuuhhh….
Silas: How was I supposed to know that. I barely just met him.
Hoji: It’s alright Silas, I’d better get to work, then me
you and orochi should have a battle!
~Evolving Horusood-
Hoji, like Orochi worked for hard hours, only he perfected his design even better having just picked up some expertise on how to analyze beys.
Hoji: It’s finished! Cheeto Horusood!
Silas: Cheeto… as in the food?
Hoji: You got a problem with my favorite food?
Silas: Well, I mean naming your bey after a food is kinda fishy if you ask me
Hoji: Fish! Seriously!?
Wakiya: Uuuuuuugggghhhh! Just get the triple battle on with! We need to train you for the match!
~The Match~
Hoji (thought): Cheeto Horusood. I designed it to be a direct evolution to Hyper Horusood. It’s layer has 2 jaggy, but flat blades reminiscent of a bird's 2 wings. It has 2 claws that can independently move back and forth. It’s disc has 4 blades, all oriented in different directions but smooth and mostly flat. This should help its endurance and speed. And my beys driver has 4 wings attached to its 4 rings, that like the layer can move independently. My best bet is to let orochi take out Silas, and to dodge it near the end.
Orochi (thought): Hoji and Silas both have defense type beys and stamina type beys. My attack type has a disadvantage against Silas, and not enough stamina to deal with Hoji. I’ll just have to take Hoji fast, then deal with Satomb.
Silas (thought): Hoji’s bey is evolved. And that means it’s stamina will be even higher. And I still have to have enough defense to deal with orochi. Ill have to let orochi attack me, then I can counterattack and take out Hoji. After that, I’ll turn it into a battle of endurance with orochi.
3 2 1 let it rip!
Hoji: Horusood! Circle!
Sugihara: Horusood circles the perimeter while orochi comes in hot after it and Silas has taken up center!
Odax! Take it out!
Horusood! Cheeto twist!
Oh my Horusood uses its wings to twist is center of gravity and come back around from the back! The tables have turned! Orochi is about to get taken out!
Odax! Power through!
Horusood! Attack!
Odax and Horusood are going head to head!
Silas (thought): Hah! I don’t even have to do anything. They’ll take eachother out!
Orochi: Odax! Get out of there!
Sugihara: Odax circles down and escapes from Horusood, but comes straight down to attack Silas!
Hoji (thought): When odax escaped, it knocked me off balance. That’s not good.
Orochi: Galliant Sword!
Silas: Hah! Not this time orochi! I’ve got you cornered! Roller defense!
Sugihara: Satomb deflects odax and gets knocked back! But it uses its wheels to full effect and recovers! Now it’s repeating the same technique over and over again!
Odax! Hit em harder! Harder! HARDER!
Silas: Come on! Attack some more orochi!
Orochi: Forte! FORte! FORTISSIMOOO!
Silas: (yawns) roller drift
Sugihara: Silas has calmly dodged orochi, and orochi is about to annihilate Horusood!
Hoji: Get outta there!
Orochi: Finish it!
Horusood has just been burst! And now odax swings back down to finish off Silas!
Satomb! Cyclone loop!
Satomb kicks off from the side after using roller drift, and hits orochi hard from the right! Now it’s a battle of stamina!
Silas: Hah! You don’t stand a chance now!
Orochi: Odax!
Silas: Satomb! End this!
Sugihara:… It’s Kinetic Satomb with a survivor finish! Silas Karslisle is the winner!
Wakiya: Excellent! You are all ready. Now get some sleep, tomorrow is our first match… against Ken Midori. 

Chapter 5- Battle against the Beasts!

Senor Hanami- Welcome! To the Central Arena! Where the team battles and world league are held! The teams participating are vast in number and vast in bladers! There are over 100 teams, but I will announce the main and well known teams! BC Sol! BC Lagos! The Raging Bulls! The Beasts! Ride out! The Superstars! The Royals! AS Gallus! If you did not hear your team, you will soon! For the first round of this tournament we have the team… uh what was the name of the team again?… oh they don’t have a name!? Well I guess we’ll add it when they do. But uh the …. Team is entering with the musician Orochi Gimba! The bird man Hoji Konda! And the… other Blader, Silas Karslise! Their opponents are the beasts! Featuring the puppet man Ken Midori! The fierce Ben Azuki! And the always loyal Fuki Sugimara! Let the battles begin!
The Beasts;
Ken: Okay, we’re facing an attack, defense, and stamina type. Silas is new, I’m assuming he’s still got lots to learn. Orochi was a fierce Blader back home, but Valt and shu both beat him. And Hoji was always a good Blader, but I never got to see much of him. What I do think is that they will choose Orochi to go 2nd. Zac used to have orochi on his team, but orochi left and there weren’t any hard feelings. I’m guessing orochi’s gonna do the same. That leaves Hoji or Silas. 
Ben: I’ll go first. I’ll take out our first opponent with a burst, and Ken you take out orochi. Then we’ll have 3 points and will win. 
Ken: Nice
The other team;
Silas: I don’t know much about these bladers, but from what you told me I’m guessing Ken is going up first. 
Orochi: Then I’ll take out Kerbeus, and assuming they will then choose Ben for the 2nd match, we should go with Silas. 
~The Match~
Senor Hanami: The first bladers are Ben Azuki and Silas Karslise! This is only one round, so the loser doesn’t get a 2nd chance! My advice? Win!
Ben: So you’re the newbie huh? This’ll be over in an instance. 
Silas: Don’t underestimate Satomb! 
Ben: We’ll see if it can hold up. 
Ben (thought): I’ll go with my defense launch and stop satomb from taking center. As I speed up more, and Satomb drops in speed, I’ll come in and burst it.
Silas: Ben uses an attack type, and Hoji said something about it being able to take center, but I don’t remember exactly. I’ll go for the center, but attack hard first. That should stop it from speeding up too much. 
Official Judge: Ready? Set! 3 2 1 let it rip!
*Satomb and Betromoth clash against each other for the center*
Ben (thought): Betromoths new evolution can give it a free-rotating blade and it’s disc is much heavier. The driver also has smooth slopes around the edges to increase its balance when tilted, and speed up faster. 
Silas: Satomb! Roller defense!
Ben: Raaaah! Betromoth! Beast Attack!
Satomb is sent flying and Betromoth takes up center with a seriously sick launch! It’s tilting over, but it’s still perfectly balanced!
Silas: So that was your strategy. Take center, and the more you speed up, the more I slow down. A battle of stamina huh? What a cheap way to win… Hello? Say something! You’re seriously annoying! 
Ben (thought): just a bit longer, now!
Ben: Betromoth! Charge!
*Betromoth leans on its axis and speeds up around the stadium*
Hanami: Betromoth has some serious speed! 
Ben: Raaaaaah! 
Silas: Roller drift!
Ben: Too slow! Now Beast Charge!
Hanami: Satomb has been burst!
Silas: Grrrr! That was so rigged! 
Wakiya (from the side lines): And that’s proof we’ve still got a long ways to go
Orochi: We’re already down 2 points. I’ll finish this and tie up the score, then Hoji you can pull of the final point
Hoji: Got it
Silas: If we lose 1 more point, we’re done for. And from the way Wakiya talks about these guys, Ken and Ben are on the same level. You saw the level of power Ben had. Ken’s no different. You can’t overpower him orochi! Hoji has to go and play the stamina game. It’s the only way of a sure victory!
Hoji: Gasps* Silas
Orochi: I agree. Lets let Hoji go. 
~Ken vs Hoji~
Ken: Wasn’t expecting to see you Hoji, guess you’ll always be in wakiyas shadow
Hoji: You’re wrong! 
Ken: Smirks. Guess we’ll see
Official Judge: Ready? Set! 3 2 1 let it rip!
Ken: Kerbeus! Pounce on it!
Hoji: Horusood Field!
*Horusood dodges Kerbeus, but Ken bounces back up and attacks again*
Ken: Hit em hard Kerbeus! 
Horusood! Cheeto Storm! 
*Horusood uses its wings and claws to create friction with the air and start a tornado*
Hanami: Hoji has brewed up a storm!
Ken (thought): You think you have me cornered, but I’m gonna go right through the middle! 
Ken: Kerbeus! Slam it! 
Hoji: You’re going through the middle!?
Ken: Yep
Ben: Hah! Got em! Finish it Ken!
Ken: Ya Ben! 
*Kerbeus goes down the tornado towards Horusood but goes out of control and gets thrown out of the tornado* 
Kerbeus has been tossed into the side of the stadium!
Hoji: Yes horusood! 
Ken: How did?… 
Orochi: Nice
Wakiya: End it hoji! You got this!
Hoji: Horusood… Spin!
Ken (puppets): Hang in there Kerbeus! 
Hoji: Just a bit longer!
Hanami: Kerbeus has just run out of stamina!
Hoji looked to Wakiya, and Wakiya smiled back
Orochi: Right then. We’ve got one round left, and assuming their 3rd Blader isn’t any good, Odax can finish this. 
Silas: We’ll you’d better not lose. 1 more point could cost us the match. And if we let it drag on to the 4th round with a tied score, Ken or Ben will sweep any of us. So make it count orochi.
Orochi: I got this
Silas: I sure hope so
Hoji: What’s that supposed to mean Silas?
Silas: Oh come on! You saw Ben and Ken! We can’t assume their 3rd Blader isn’t any weaker than they are.
Orochi: You saying odax can’t beat them?
Silas: That’s exactly what I’m saying! And we have a sub to send instead. 
Hoji: Look, we can argue later but odax has a better chance at getting the burst then Wyvron does. We’re already on the wire, and if we don’t get a burst Ben and Ken will sweep us like you said. We need a burst and orochi’s our ticket. So let him go Silas.
Orochi: Thanks man. Now let’s do this
Silas: Whatever
Fuki: So you’re the last Blader huh? Orochi? The guy who plays music or somethin? This’ll be over in an instance. All I need is one more point and your team is done for.
Orochi: I’m the one who’s getting the points, just wait and see
Fuki: Better get your blanket, you’re about to go crying to mommy
Ready? Set! 3 2 1 let it rip! 
Odax! Attack!
Fuki: Now take center Spryzen!
Orochi: Spryzen?
Fuki: Yeah! Shu Kurenai is my idol! And I wanna be just like him!
Orochi: Well then you’re gonna get burst just like he almost did!
Fuki: Almost did? He probably burst you. 
Orochi: Well you won’t! Galliant Sword!
Judge: It’s Galliant Odax with a burst finish!
Orochi: You’ve got ways to go if you wanna be like shu, but hey good talk
Hanami: And the… team has beaten the beasts 3-2 in their first match! Who would’ve seen that coming!? Next match is AS Gallus from France against the soccer socks from Korea! 
Daigo and his team completely annihilates them!
* after the matches
Silas: so now that all the heavy hitters won their first round, and we did too, we’re probably up against one of them in the next round. 
Hanami: Let’s announce the matchups for the next round! 
First up, BC Sol is against flowers from Greenland!
The Royals are up against Red Robin’s from Texas! 
The … team is up against the hackers from Switzerland!
Orochi: That’s all we need to know, let’s start practicing

Chapter 6- Struggles

Silas: We barely won that. We only win cause Hoji got lucky. If he hadn’t we would’ve lost 4-0 right then and there.

Wakiya: You’re forgetting that you’re the one who lost to Ben!

Silas: At least I managed to make it into the team unlike you!


Hoji: And that’s exactly why we can do better! Wakiya, I know you. You may not have been in the match, but you helped the team get this far, even if we still have a ways to go. And Silas, you may have lost, but you tried your best and you’ll do better next time! Orochi, you finished the match with a swift burst! And I may have won, but only because of luck. You three make the perfect team! So get out there and put me on the bench in the next match! If a Blader wins by an accident, you can’t call that a real win

Wakiya: Hoji! Listen to yourself! You’re the one who stopped us from getting out of the match right there! If you hadn’t won, we would’ve lost. And sure Kerbeus went out of control, but that was all because of Horusood! You’re a strong Blader, and you may never be able to beat me but you can beat anyone else!

Hoji: Wakiya… 

Hoji starts sniffling, he looks to Wakiya as an older brother and for Wakiya to give him a speech like that made him emotional

Silas: Well, that was something.

Orochi: Yeah. I suggest we start looking at the Hackers team lineup before anything else

Sugihara: Already on it Master Orochi! The Hackers leader is Peo. He uses a counter-clockwise spinning balance type bey called Pytho and rumors say he’s an old rival of Zac’s. The other 2 people usually in the roster are Kyle who uses a clockwise attack type, and Keith who uses a right spinning defense type. 

Silas: Wha do we know about Pytho?

Wakiya: Well, it’s a counterclockwise spinning balance type..


Wakiya: EXCUSE ME!?

Silas: YOU HEARD! 

Wakiya and Silas: RAAAAH!

Orochi: That’s enough. 

Wakiya and Silas: Huh?

Orochi: I found some info on Pytho

Wakiya: Speak

Orochi: Pytho is a counterclockwise balance type..

Silas: Are you..

Wakiya: Let him continue Silas

Silas: Fine, but he better have some actual new info

Orochi: Moving on, it has a 2 bladed front and backside. There are 2 fangs curved inward. On on top, on on bottom for each side. 

Silas: Interesting

Orochi: And on its left and right side, it has a bumpy but smooth edge that looks like it can be pushed in, and it can come back out. 

Wakiya: So like a spring loaded defense?

Orochi: Exactly, only he can also use it to bounce off the opponent and come back around, or to hit off the wall and come towards it. The layer also has an overall circular shape. The disc really doesn’t have much info, just that it’s big and heavy. And the driver has 2 modes. One mode is a wide, flat tip but with a hole in the center. And the other mode is taller, but it’s thinner and has a semi-round tip. So basically a balance mode, and attack mode. 

Wakiya: So Peo is the one to watch out for

Orochi: And get this, he is Zac’s rival, but it’s said that he’s actually beaten Lui before! 

Silas, Wakiya, and Hoji who returned: WHAT!? HE BEAT LUI!? LIKE THE LUI SHIROSAHI!?

Orochi: Yep. It was a while ago, but he beat lui in a match and became top of the chain. But he’s stopped participating in tournaments recently until now, and because of that he’s nowhere in the rankings. He hasn’t been forgotten though. And now that he’s starting from square 1 with that reputation, I’m honestly kinda scared.

Hoji: Well, he only beat lui once right? 

Orochi: It’s stillla big feat. And you’re forgetting he’s a rival of Zac. Zac the Sunrise. You know, one of the supreme four?

Hoji: Yeah, yeah I know, I’m gonna go and do some more digging on him. 

Silas: Alright see ya Hoji. 

Wakiya: Well, let’s just hope he’s third not first. 

Orochi: Well, that’s not happening. He usually goes first and gets a burst, then his other two usually get a 3rd point. 

Silas: So if we send a weaker Blader out first to lose anyway, then use the strong bladers on the 2nd and third bladers, we can get three points before he does!

Wakiya:Seriously? Sacrifice someone just so the other 2 can win? That’s low. 

Silas: Well how else do we win!? This guy’s beaten lui and is one of the supreme fours rivals! He’s completely disappeared from the rankings, and we have 0 info on history battle style and barely any on his bey! 

Xander Shakadera: We’ll figure it out. 

The team: XANDER!? 

Xander Shakadera: Long time! How’s it been Wakiya!?

Chapter 7- Battling Xander

Wakiya: Xander what the heck are you doing here!

Xander: Figured I’d drop by. You know see how my old pals are doing. I do see one new face though. Silas is it?

Silas: Yep, that’s me. 

Xander: Nice to meet you dude! I heard about your match with Ben from Valt. Don’t worry you’ll get em next time. And orochi nice job with your match!

Orochi: Thanks

Wakiya: So valts been in touch with you I assume?

Xander: No actually. I came to visit BC Sol, and I was surprised to see Rantaro there. Apparently there’s this new kid named Cuza too. And Valt and rantaro are going up in the tournaments with free now!

Wakiya: Seriously!? They’re on the string with Free!?

Xander: Yep! They’ve sure come a long way! And it seems like Free isn’t as bored as he usually is when he’s with them.

Silas: I’m sorry who’s Free? 


Wakiya: I would scream in surprise, but at this point I kinda excpected that. 

Xander: Free de la hoya is the number 1 ranked Blader in the world.

Silas: Wow, that’s made a first good impression. Please continue. 

Xander: He uses a counterclockwise bey like Lui and Peo… hang on, you do know who Peo is right? Apparently he’s one of the dudes in your next match.

Wakiya: Yep, we know who he is. We actually were just researching about him before you got here. 

Xander: Ah, so I take it you’ve got a battle plan?

Wakiya and Silas: Eeeh

Xander: Man, some things never change! Haha! Anyway, more about free. He uses a counterclockwise stamina type. Except it’s not your typical stamina type. It’s counterclockwise, because it’s able to steal spin from its opponent. 

Silas: Is that even possible?

Xander: With free’s bey, it is. He has 3 pieces of rubber which help him draining opponents spin. I bet you that’s where he gets the name Drain Fafnir from. He usually hand spins his bey, just cause he only launches when he knows the opponent is worth it. 

Silas: So he only respects powerful bladers?

Xander: In a sense. He’s not as much of a jerk as Lui is when he does that, but he’s got his own different personality. And spin steal aside, he also has incredible power, and can come up with strategies and all that stuff a typical Blader would be able to do, but better. And he’s in top physical condition. He may not be as muscular as me, but spends more time training his body than any other Blader I know. Even me!

Silas: Sounds intense

Xander: sure is, but he’s got his own quiet personality, anyway besides free. Why do you think I came all the way out here? Let's have a 5 way battle!

Sugihara: Allow me the honor of being the judge and announcer Sirs! 

Ready? Set! 3 2 1 let it rip!

Silas: Wait, we didn’t even get to see his bey!

Xander: Your mistake! Now Siege Xcalius go! Dual Sabers! 

Satomb has been sent into the center, but it held on with roller defense! 

Silas: Is that all you’ve got! 

Wakiya: I got you Silas. Now Wyvron, shield crash! 

Xander: Xcalius charge!

Wyvron and Xcalius are clashing head to head! And odax is coming in for Xander from the back! 

Orochi: Odax! We’ll be the ones to burst Xander! Galliant Sword!

Xander (thought): I don’t know if I can take that along with Wyvron, but if I use some of the momentum from that hit to get halfway to a burst, and use the rest to free-spin wyvrons blade.. I can activate Triple Saber! 

Xander: Xcalius brace yourself!

Silas (thought): He’s not even gonna try to dodge?

Xander: Now Xcalius! Do it! 

Sugihara: Oh my! Xcalius has taken quite a bit of damage, but it’s managed to keep from bursting by using the rest of the momentum on Wyvron! 

Wakiya- Yeah hit me harder! We’ll come right back at you! Hyper Shield Crash!

Silas- Satomb! Demolish it! Cyclone loop!

Orochi! One more time odax! We’ll take out Xander! Galliant Sword! 

Xander: Hah! Three opponents for a triple saber!

Silas: What’d he say!?


Sugihara- BURST! BURST! BURST! Every single bey in this battle has been burst by Xander shakadera’s over whelming power!

Xander picks up Xcalius, but when he picks it up, it bursts. That means that if odax Wyvron and Satomb held on for one more second, Xcalius would’ve been burst. 

Xander: RAAAAAAAH!!!

Wakiya: Why’re you screaming? You’d think that you were the one who just got burst

Xander: Haha. Victory cry I guess. But hey, you all did well! 

Silas: You’ve gotta be kidding me. We did well!? We don’t need your sympathy Xander

Xander: That’s cool and all, but I’m not giving you it. I’m being honest, you all did very well! I’m off to see where Daigo and Shu are, but a tip for Peo, don’t come up with a strategy. Peo’s a smart Blader, and if you come at him with a plan, he’ll outsmart you. Go at him with no plan, just go on instinct. That’s your best bet. Anyways, see you later! And Wakiya, I’ll let you know how shu and daigo are doing. 

Wakiya: Thanks, nice seeing ya Xander

Xander: Peace! 

Xander sprints to the nearest cliff near Orochi’s cabin, which they were still in, and yeet himself off a cliff. 

Silas: I’d be surprised if he’s alive the next time we see him. 

Hoji: Hey guys, couldn’t find anything, but I kinda fell asleep. You guys look intense, what’d I miss?
Wakiya: Hoji, we’ve got stuff to catch up on

Chapter 8- Training Time

Chapter 9- Say whaaaaa?

Hanami- Hello everyone! Welcome to today’s matches! First off, I’d like to announce something… today is April 1st! 

Wakiya: Hold up, April 1st means…

Hanami- All the matches were lies! Today is April fools so we will decide the matches here and now! Man I’d hate to be the first 2 teams.


Silas- Well, I guess that means you’re sitting out again Wakiya. We can’t risk putting you in if you don’t have a plan. That was only for Peo

Wakiya- Dang it! I’ve been benched twice now! And you’d think I’d be up by now! I’m the one who started this team, the team lives in my mansion, I’m the one who recruited all of you!

Silas: Well, we’re a team. So we’ve gotta do what’s best for the team am I right?

Wakiya: Fine! But I’m going up in the next one!

Hoji: Sorry man

Hanami- Now that everyone has had a little time to panic, let’s announce the first match! Drum roll please! …… It’s BC Sol! And they’re up against… The Hackers from Switzerland! 

Silas: Seriously!? Free and Peo in the same match!? They’re definitely gonna be up against each other. 

Wakiya- Watch this battle very closely. We won’t see a battle like this for a long time. 

BC Sol;

Free: I’m going up against Peo. 

Valt: Fine by me!

Rantaro: Yeah go get em’!

Free (thought): Peo. You beat Lui. Not even I could pull that off. Let’s see how good you are.

*the stadium*

Hanami- Free de la hoya and Peo are about to battle! Let’s hear it for them! Will Peo knock Free of his throne or will Free de la hoya show this poser what Fafnir made of!? 

The arena roars! Peo walked up to free, only 2 inches away from his face, and free looked right into his eyes. 

Peo: The day when I battle Free de la hoya… will come another day

Hanami: Wha- What!? Peo has backed away from the match and sent one of his team mates to go up against free! I-I don’t even think this is allowed, but just this once we’ll allow it. Looks like Fafnir will have its food for today. 

Free de la hoya has shattered the competition only 2 seconds into the battle! And he didn’t even try! Wow! Peo, consider yourself lucky you aren’t facing Fafnir today. 

Rantaro Kiyama expertly turns the 2nd battle into an endurance battle and takes the game for BC Sol! 

Silas: When Peo stepped away from free, I saw that win for BC Sol coming. 

Wakiya: Question is, why did Peo step away?

Hoji: Worry about that later. We’re up. And we’re against the Mariachis from Mexico. 

Silas: This’ll be a cake walk. 

Hoji: Don’t be so sure. I saw the teams last match, they’ve got some powerful bladers

Orochi: Whatever, I’ll take the first 2 points and Hoji, you finish it. 

Silas: Go get em, I’ll stay back with Wakiya. 

Hanami- Looks like the team, with still no name, only enters with Orochi Gimba and Hoji Konda. They must be sure of themselves. Meanwhile team Mariachi’s enters with Lionedis, Kecks, and Max. 

Odax bursts Kecks stamina type with ease! And Hoji swiftly knocks out Max’s balance type! 

Team… wins their 2nd match!

Wakiya: Nice one Hoji! 

Silas: Good job Orochi!

Orochi: Nice job Hoji

Hoji: You too

*after the matches*

The team was tense at the Murasaki Mansion.

Silas: I can’t believe what I say today. We trained hard to battle Peo’s team, but it was all a prank because we forgot about April fools. And when Peo faced free, he turned him down. 

Hoji: We’ll, we know who we’re up against next, and it isn’t a prank this time cause April 1st is over. 

Wakiya: I didn’t catch it, who’re we up against?

Orochi: We’re up against The Spartans from France.

Silas: France? Spartans? I don’t pay attention in history class but I’m pretty sure Spartans aren’t from France

Hoji- It’s just a name. They’re known for their long line of attack types. 

Silas- Well that makes it easy. Me and Wakiya will finish them.

Hoji- no. It’s not your normal attack types. They’re faster, stronger, and 10 times more powerful. They’ve never entered a tournament before, but from what I’ve seen from what the France community says about them online, they’re a package deal. 

Silas- You said that about the mariachis. And you blew them outta the water.

Hoji- Yeah, but trust me, these guys are something else. 

Wakiya: Hoji looks serious. And I would know, I’ve known him for a while now.

Wakiya smiled. And Hoji smiled back. 

Silas: Fine, so let’s just practice against Orochi. 

Hoji: No offense orochi, but these guys are beyond you

Orochi: None taken

Silas: Fine then! There’s no way these dudes are on Xander’s level of power. Let’s just call Xander back

Wakiya: He’s visiting Daigo right now, and he’s probably on his way to America to meet shu by now.

Silas: Then I guess we’re going to America

Wakiya: Fine! But you’re lucky I have a private jet! Without me you wouldn’t be able to pay for a flight to America. Let alone just one of you, there are 5 of us. But like I said, private jet= we should be there in a couple hours. 

*the jet*

Silas: What’s taking so long?

Wakiya: Are you serious!? This is top of the line..

Orochi: Not to be a party pooper.. not that’s theres a party, but it kinda smells in here

Wakiya: That’s from rantaro! He always farts in here and it sticks for days

Hoji: But rantaro hasn’t been in here for a couple months, and the only person flying has been

Wakiya: OH LOOK WE’RE THERE! HAHAHA! What a coincidence!

Silas: Mmmhm


Wakiya: Ok, we know shu is in America, but what team is he on. And where is Xander for that matter? 

Silas: Just listen for someone screaming, or yelling and it’s probably Xander

Orochi: Screaming like a carp, or the type of scream Xander did when he burst all three of us at once?

Silas: The 2nd one, and he won’t pull that off again!
Wakiya: We’re about to find out. I see Shu. He’s in the Raging Bulls tower  

Chapter 10- Shu Kurenai and the Raging Bulls
Yeah I read this, I like it so far!
(Sep. 03, 2021  1:31 AM)LegendJustice Wrote: Yeah I read this, I like it so far!

I like this too, but, you need to address what's happening in the battle not just with the announcer. Like this.

(Satomb and Wyveron start clashing)

You don't have to do it like that you can also use these

*Wyvern and Satomb start clashing in the center*

But so far I can see potential in this Fanfic
(Sep. 03, 2021  1:41 AM)UnseenBurst Wrote: I like this too, but, you need to address what's happening in the battle not just with the announcer. Like this.

(Satomb and Wyveron start clashing)

You don't have to do it like that you can also use these

*Wyvern and Satomb start clashing in the center*

But so far I can see potential in this Fanfic

Ah, I see. So don’t just add what the announcer says, add side text that explains what the battle is like?
Chapter 5 is now out! Go to the beginning of the thread to read it
nice i see potential in this fanfic! i like how the story's about phi or idk 🤔👌
(Sep. 03, 2021  9:46 PM)GenesisBlader Wrote: nice i see potential in this fanfic! i like how the story's about phi or idk 🤔👌

The one about Silas? Or the one about phi? The one about phi is an old fanfic of mine, but I could continue it if you want me to. The one about Silas is the one I just started.
(Sep. 03, 2021  9:47 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote:
(Sep. 03, 2021  9:46 PM)GenesisBlader Wrote: nice i see potential in this fanfic! i like how the story's about phi or idk 🤔👌

The one about Silas? Or the one about phi? The one about phi is an old fanfic of mine, but I could continue it if you want me to. The one about Silas is the one I just started.

oh ok
(Sep. 03, 2021  9:48 PM)GenesisBlader Wrote:
(Sep. 03, 2021  9:47 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote: The one about Silas? Or the one about phi? The one about phi is an old fanfic of mine, but I could continue it if you want me to. The one about Silas is the one I just started.

oh ok

But which one were you talking about?
(Sep. 03, 2021  9:50 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote:
(Sep. 03, 2021  9:48 PM)GenesisBlader Wrote: oh ok

But which one were you talking about?

like the part where phi was battling hyde
(Sep. 03, 2021  10:01 PM)GenesisBlader Wrote:
(Sep. 03, 2021  9:50 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote: But which one were you talking about?

like the part where phi was battling hyde

Ah! Ok, thanks dude!
Chapter 6 and 7 are out! Please go to the beginning of the thread to read them, and let me know your thoughts so far!
wow this chapter was epic, nice one!
(Sep. 04, 2021  6:48 PM)GenesisBlader Wrote: wow this chapter was epic, nice one!

Thanks man!
(Sep. 04, 2021  7:12 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote:
(Sep. 04, 2021  6:48 PM)GenesisBlader Wrote: wow this chapter was epic, nice one!

Thanks man!

no prob
i thought it was mega epic when they did the 5 man battle royale
(Sep. 04, 2021  7:14 PM)GenesisBlader Wrote:
(Sep. 04, 2021  7:12 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote: Thanks man!

no prob
i thought it was mega epic when they did the 5 man battle royale

Yeah that battle was epic when I played it out in my mind before writing it!
This really belongs in Your Creations, and a few spoiler tags between chapters and such would go a long way towards helping the page not be so large as well. Scrolling down past the OP takes a while on mobile.
(Sep. 05, 2021  3:58 PM)MagikHorse Wrote: This really belongs in Your Creations, and a few spoiler tags between chapters and such would go a long way towards helping the page not be so large as well. Scrolling down past the OP takes a while on mobile.

Sorry, but how do you add spoiler tags for chapters? And idk how to move it to Your Creations, could a staff do that?
(Sep. 05, 2021  4:32 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote:
(Sep. 05, 2021  3:58 PM)MagikHorse Wrote: This really belongs in Your Creations, and a few spoiler tags between chapters and such would go a long way towards helping the page not be so large as well. Scrolling down past the OP takes a while on mobile.

Sorry, but how do you add spoiler tags for chapters? And idk how to move it to Your Creations, could a staff do that?

Edit your first post, and change the prefix to your creations.

Plus that's how you add spoiler tag


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(Sep. 05, 2021  4:32 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote: Sorry, but how do you add spoiler tags for chapters? And idk how to move it to Your Creations, could a staff do that?

Edit your first post, and change the prefix to your creations.

Plus that's how you add spoiler tag


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I don’t see a prefix anywhere, and the spoiler isn’t working
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(Sep. 05, 2021  4:34 PM)Kiryu Kazuma Wrote: Edit your first post, and change the prefix to your creations.

Plus that's how you add spoiler tag


Your text (/spoiler). Replace () by [].

I don’t see a prefix anywhere, and the spoiler isn’t working

Replace () by [] it's working for me.

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(Sep. 05, 2021  4:54 PM)Kiryu Kazuma Wrote:
(Sep. 05, 2021  4:37 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote: I don’t see a prefix anywhere, and the spoiler isn’t working

Replace () by [] it's working for me.

On your first post, click on full edit. It'll show a prefix icon
I don’t see the icon, and the spoiler sill isn’t working

Edit: I kept trying the spoiler, and it worked. But the prefix still isn’t