The All-Out Mid-Air Battle (ZRG) Draft

| Name = Metal Fight Beyblade Vs Sol Blaze
| Date = May 14th, 2016
| Host = ashton pinto
| Number of Participants = 9
| Format = STD
| Location = Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, India

Metal Fight Beyblade VS Sol Blaze was a tournament held on the same day as [[Metal Fight Beyblade VS Sol Blaze (LTD Format)]]. It was hosted by ashton pinto at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai.

1. ashton pinto
2. AaryanBITW
3. Disaster
5. Ayan17
6. Alex Mercer
7. ZEE_786
8. Maximum Dranzer
9. Rayx Nikhil

This tournament began after the Limited Format event that happened on the same day, at 1:30 pm and concluded by 3:45 pm. It was run in Round Robin format, with the top three bladers moving on to the finals. 
Similar to the Limited Format event, many members including Rayx Nikhil, christophermk, ashton pinto, Maximum Dranzer and Alex Mercer generously contributed some beyblades as prizes. The prizes varied from Plastic generation beyblades to Metal Fight Beyblades.
The event saw a diverse and wide variety of customization's that were never seen before in Mumbai. Alex Mercer and ashton pinto were the protagonist in this event. In the preliminary rounds, ashton pinto scored a record of 7-1 automatically qualified into the finals. Unlike most of ashton pinto's tournaments where he traditionally used Zirago Zirago with the 90 track, in this event he went even lower and used 85 MF. He defeated all the players excluding FIREFIRE CPB. He used the defensive hybrid MF-H/MF Death Aquario/cancer BD145 CS in few of his battles.
Alex Mercer took a huge risk using an overly aggressive combo; Balro Pegasus 105 R2F in most of his battles. Fortunately he scored 5-3 and he entered the tie-breakers. 
This tournament had four people in the tie-breakers. Maximum Dranzer, ZEE_786, AaryanBITW and Alex Mercer all scored a record of 5-3 in the preliminary rounds. The matches were tied. Only two of the players would qualify into the finals.
Alex Mercer and ZEE_786 used some of the most devastating setups. Many stalling clause's were invoked; the reason why this tournament took a long time to end. Luckily, when ZEE_786 used a stamina type setup, his opponent used a defensive type combo and when he used a attack type custom, his opponent went for stamina. This made the game easy for him. He scored 2-1 in the tie-breakers. Alex Mercer scored a record of 3-0. His customs were Zirago Dragooon E230 GCF, Genbull Dragooon BD145 MF and other heavy combos. AaryanBITW scored a record of 0-3 and Maximum Dranzer scored a total of 1-2 in the tie-breakers. Alex Mercer and ZEE_786 qualified to the finals.

The finals began. ashton pinto, Alex Mercer and ZEE_786 were old rivals. ashton pinto was well-versed with Zirago Zirago 85 MF. In the 2013 tournament, he defeated two highly skilled players; Relic and BladingSpirit5 from Bangalore and Hyderabad with the same Zirago Zirago setup. ZEE_786 (Zirago Dragooon E230 GCF) defeated ashtonpinto (MF Zirago Zirago 85 MF) by a slight margin. ashton pinto was unable to knockout the leftspin beyblade. ashton pinto won against Alex Mercer. Alex Mercer won against ZEE_786.
This was not predicted. To see that the finals would also have a tiebreakers. The final tie-breakers began with ashton pinto getting his revenge on ZEE_786. Unfortunately he lost against Alex Mercer. Alex Mercer (Balro Pegasus 105 R2F) also defeated ZEE_786 (Meteo L Drago B : D) and thus placed first in the tournament.

==Final Scores and Wining Combinations ==

*'''1st Place – Alex Mercer (11-4)'''  Genbull Dragooon BD145 MF, Bahamdia Dragooon BD145 LRF/R2F, Balro Pegasus 105 R2F, Zirago Dragooon E230 GCF
MF Meteo L Drago B : D 

*'''2nd Place – ashton pinto (10-2) ''' Zirago Zirago 85 MF, MF Death Cancer BD145 CS, MF-H Death Aquario BD145 CS
*'''3rd Place – ZEE_786 (8-7) Death Aquario SA165 RS, Meteo L Drago BD145 MF, Meteo L Drago B : D, Zirago Dragooon E230 GCF
*'''4th Place – Maximum Dranzer(6-5)'''
*'''5th Place – AaryanBITW (5-6)'''
*'''6th Place – FIREFIRE CPB (4-4)
*'''7th Place – Rayx Nikhil (3-5)'''
*'''8th Place – Maximum Dranzer (2-6)'''
*'''9th Place – Ayan17 (0-8)'''

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