(Texas and Worldwide) Team OkamiRyu

(Mar. 28, 2015  7:07 PM)beybey33 Wrote: How do u get a banner

I'm leaving cuz this team isn't active

I'm leaving cuz this team isn't active

Ok I'm sorry! I've been inactive lately because of school and stuff like that Unhappy I'm going to try and get this team rolling again Joyful_3
I'll get my team created for Austin, TX, once we have officially created the team, we challenge San Antonio on a team battle! Grin
I'm sorry but can someone close this thread. I'd rather battle alone without a team, sorry.
Username: biggestnate

Type of bey: Balance or defense.

Strongest bey: Phantom Orion BGrin

Something About me: I want to join this team because I have never been a part of a team and this could open a lot of opportunities for me. I also LOVE metal fight beyblades and have never been in a tournament.
Username: Blazeshot638
Bey I Use: Spryzen S2
Strongest Bey: Spryzen S2
About Myself: I love Beyblade
Why I wanna join this team: because I wanna have fun
(Jun. 05, 2014  11:42 PM)Crystal Beys Wrote: We need to host a tournament in Dallas Texas!!!
I'm making a tournament.  Let me know if you still want in