[Texas] The Texas Beyblade Association

Hello all of you Texas bladers. I am MasterBlader-x one of the council members of the Texas Beyblade Association, or TBA. We are looking for members to join. We are a Organization that turns bladers into increadible bladers. We have monthly giveaways also. So if you live in the state of Texas. Join us and together we will become the number #1!!!
Wow man great job on the thread, I'de join myself, but you know, it's a little late for that!Tongue_out
I know im probably late but please accept me im really good I promise and I've been trying to join texas teams and you're the only one so please accept me
I'm a council member too. Just saying, you know that mat.
Yeah I agree. I'm glad you want in, this is a real milestone. Now there are a few things you need to know. First, as soon as we get the website set up, it costs 5 dollars a month. This goes to paying staff, tournaments, website bills and monthly giveaways. Second we need stadiums, lots of stadiums, preferably BB-10 AKA attack type type, and we'd welcome any others we can borrow. Third, we need a place for tournaments. I'd appreciate any thing that can be donated or loaned. Just pm me if you can spare anything, I'll probably be the one to talk to about any problems, since I'm the president of the TBA thanks.
K since im in what I would like for you guys to know is im a attack user so if any of you are can you give me tips
Well i'm more of a defence and stamina user but i some times mix it up to use attack so i might give you types. But next time use the pm because this is of topic.
yah i wish i could join but my launchers and blades are all torn up from numerous battles........sigh
Well I'm sure if you joined, we could work something out. You might even win a new bey in a giveaway when we're in business! We also have prizes for tournaments. Just pm me if you want to join.
As long as you have a blader spirit anyone can join.
(Jul. 22, 2012  6:58 PM)Darkeffigydeath Wrote: yah i wish i could join but my launchers and blades are all torn up from numerous battles........sigh

Ya same here I keep ripping to hard Tired
100 views! But... Only two subscriptions... Well, all good things are worth waiting for. Don't stop blading
I could help run a website, but it would not be payed hosting if anyone of you can pay for hosting that would be awesome and then we could put 2 ads on the website to get our money back basically.
Well, we've got it covered for now, but what you can do is tell all your friends about the TBA. But this is off topic. If you want to say something off topic, just pm one of us. Thanks.
That's great but can we talk about it with pm? and welcome to the TBA AABeyblades
I'll jOin I'm already a pretty good bladder in Texas I've won all of my tourneys.
Cool! Thanks for joining!
Yay a new blader I gettin pumped up when more bladers come so I can battle them
The TBA is going better then i planned.
Ill go for Shadow just look at meh Pic!
Oh yeah I mainly use plastics meh I do have a couple of metal fight beys though I mostly prefer hms dark effigy
can i join i live in sanantonio tx
I live in Houston can I join
I might be a little bit too late to post about wanting to join, but I figure its better to post here than make a new thread topic about Texas bladers etc. I like stable, sturdy Beyblades. Defense might be my favorite but having offense is just as important. Stamina has to be my least favorite type seeing as the point behind them is being lightweight so they can spin longer. So anyways, I'm looking forward to joining up and blading.