Team Tournament Format

(Apr. 27, 2011  3:17 AM)earthareis531 Wrote: I say there be a team leader to pick witch bladers to battle having only 2 bladers battle in a tornement is a good idea but after the first battle then use you two other bladers so everyone gets a turn
Like this

Team 1,2,3,4
Team a,b,c,d

1 vs a,2 vs b
1 win b win
Then a vs 2
A win

The battle after against another team
team a,d,c,d
Team 5,6,7,8 this time you hav to use blader you didn't before
Like c vs 7,d vs 8 then you reapet
This makes no sense. It's way too vague.
Yes. I would really like Tag-Team tournaments. I see the logic in it. I just wish it would get aproved. Maybe it would also work with 3 or 4 people. I think tag-team has more logic, though. As Kai-V had said. I would defintely enjoy tag-team tournaments and watch the WBO have official rules for tag-team tournaments and hold them. It would be an honor and my dream in blading. Joyful_2
I think it would be quite interesting if the tie-breaker match was a battle royal. 2 team members from each side face of in one dish. However, unlike the anime, beys from the same team will probably attack each other....

Still, I like the format. It would be interesting to participate in this type of tournament.
top tell the truth i think this format is fine but only one version teams with ,more people i feel shoudl choose how mny bladers to come and battle to have a even amount your format followed with the exception of people and all battles fixed agiunst the different teams of course it would be like a real tourny except sides whoever has the most wins wins in the event of a tie same as you said this is good format to me but i would prefer more people like the beysharks have lots of people and my team has around 10
I've wanted to do a tag team tournament ever since I missed Tag Battle Revolution.
this is so cool me and my team are awesome were called team darknessblast
(Apr. 19, 2011  6:07 PM)Bluezee Wrote: Recently, a few members of the East Coast have been discussing the possibility of a team tournament. We feel that this is indeed possible and a format could easily be made. By adopting some of Deikailo's ideas, I have created an organized set of rules and regulations to follow by to make the tournaments go smoothly. Take a look at this.


In this format, bladers form a team of 3-4 (no more than 4 beybladers will be able to register) members. Only 3 will be able to participate with the 4th beyblader counting as a substitute in exchange for the exclusion of one beyblader on the team. The team MUST use legal beyblades. Any modifications of any kind to the beyblade whether it is the addition of foreign objects, paint that will make the beyblade weigh more, magnets/weights that will also make the beyblade weigh more or affect its performance and/or the performance of the opponent’s beyblade along with the wearing of parts etc. is strictly prohibited and illegal. The team must also use ALL of their team members. One or two beybladers can not take the place of the entire team. In addition, any beyblader that is caught cheating, stealing, or breaking any rules gets their team disqualified. This is absolutely unacceptable. Team members may exchange parts before their respective matches but they are NOT allowed to exchange them in between battles.

All Beybattles will be done in the best 3 out of 5 format. Each blader will battle in their own matches. Although they are on teams, beybladers will not be allowed to switch opponents. However, if for some reason a beyblader can not battle, they may assign the team substitute to take their place in battle. Substitutes can only be called upon if they blader is unable to battle or they team decides to switch which beybladers will be battling in the matches but they must swap positions. For example, the team consists of bladders A, B,C, and D as a substitute. Before the matches are set, Blader A decides that he/she does not want to battle in this round. As long as the matches have not been assigned and opponents have not been chosen, Blader A now has the choice to sit out and have Blader D take his/her place in battle. However, this must be clearly expressed to the judge or tournament organizer to ensure that the switch is confirmed and changes can be made if necessary. Here is how the battles will be organized.

Team 1: A, B, C, D
Team 2: E, F, G, H

A vs. E: A wins
B vs. F: F wins
C vs. G: C wins

B vs. E: E wins

Final Match:
D vs. E: D wins
Team 1 wins.

A team can only win by acquiring 3 team match wins. If Team A 2 wins and 1 loss, Team B can choose one person that lost to go up against the loser of Team A. If Team B wins that match, both teams will now have to choose one beyblader( this includes the substitute in this choice selection) to represent them in the final match. The team who scores 3 match wins first will be declared will be declared the winners.

Depending on the number of teams/ attendees, Round Robin, Block Round Robin, Double Elimination, or Single Elimination formats may be implemented. All other rules in the standard format also apply to this format.

By Bluezee
just one thing can we do we choose a player from our team and then other person chooses the they battle just like in the anime
Initially, I would think that each player would select who faces whom first, however, the losers would have to face losers.
I see a flaw say with three people go to the final like dei said from one team what if the third person on the team isnt good but they got third anyways !?!? Isay there should be a round robin between the player that got the most wins for there team ??? Idk or the team gets to decide ???
(Jun. 01, 2011  2:52 AM)Deikailo Wrote: Initially, I would think that each player would select who faces whom first, however, the losers would have to face losers.
true but i think doing it the anime way its much simpiler
theres still a promblem with team and tag team if there is a odd nuber for tag team there has to be a substitute which is not a tag team and if there is 1 team left with 5 people 1 person team
if there was a solution to that it would be great
(Jul. 23, 2011  7:54 AM)beybladewrecker Wrote: if there is a odd nuber for tag team there has to be a substitute which is not a tag team

I already addressed this issue : if an encounter between two tag teams is 1-1, then the losers in each match face each other for the tie breaker.
ayeeeee i can't wait!
So Tag team is more Efficient? Will Tag Team be added to the rule-book?
Ok so tag teams r an interesting way to battle know we need to start disscussing a different set of rules for team tournys with lots of members around 3/8 or higher like there r three or four teams in my Illinois area and we r having a rivalry and want to have a team tourny to settle it
What should we do
wow this is interesting.
I hope they start making tournament like these.
If u have a team of atleast 8 members u can split into 2 or more teams and ur team will have a better chance of winning
There is no team tournament. People were sharing ideas.
This sounds awesome; why didn't any of these ideas get put into action? Is there any possibility of having an official Team Tournament someday?