[Takara Tomy]  Beat Kukulcan Testing and Discussion

Beat Kukulcan 00 Dagger Zypher' vs Z Achilles 0 Accel'

BK.00D.Z':80%(6 K.Os 1 O.S 1 B.F)  ZA.0.A':20%(1 B.F 1 K.O)
Mirror between Ac vs Bk

AC.00.R vs Tv3 00 V X

AC:90% (8 O.S 1 K.O)

Tv3:10% (1 K.O)

BK.00.R vs Tv3 00 V X

BK:100% (3 K.Os 1 B.F 6 O.S)


Ties:1 (K.O)


it seems to be O.S AC in a Mirror match!
That’s not a mirror match. That’s a benchmark test. Mirror matches are the layers on the same setup, but against each other.