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Here's a testing thread for the Wolborg Layer. This was a pretty popular Layer at the beginning of Classic but I didn't get my hands on it until pretty recently. Back in my tournament report I estimated that it was about as strong as the TT Wyvern, so now that I finally have it I decided to test it to see how it compares to that. Also since this is a full blown testing thread I made a (almost) simultaneously released video to go with it:


Wolborg Heavy Revolve vs Wyvern Heavy Revolve
Wb.H.R: 1 win (OS)
W.H.R: 9 wins (all OS)
Wb.H.R win rate: 10%

Wyvern pretty much crushed it 1v1, Wolborg had 1 close win where it was launched second. By extension it should also lose to Odin, Neptune, Deathscyther, and A2, and tournament results back this up.

Wolborg Gravity Orbit vs Yegdrion Y2 Gravity Orbit
Wb.G.O: 8 wins (all OS)
Y2.G.O: 2 wins (all OS)
1 tie redone
Wb.G.O win rate: 80%

Burst Defense

Wolborg Heavy Revolve vs Roktavor Heavy Prevail-S
Wb.H.R: 15 wins (all OS)
R.H.Pv-S: 5 wins (1 KO, 4 burst)
Average Teeth Skipped: 1.55
Wb.H.R win rate: 75%

Wyvern Heavy Revolve vs Roktavor Heavy Prevail-S
W.H.R: 13 wins (all OS)
R.H.Pv-S: 7 wins (1 KO, 6 burst)
Average Teeth Skipped: 2.25
W.H.R win rate: 65%

Though from the 5 round samples shown in the video it seemed like they were pretty even, after 20 rounds the gap widened considerably. Note that these were done with the B-123 (or whatever one the Xt+ set is) Long Beylauncher since all of my light launchers are pretty worn, so I couldn't really rip Roktavor at full power.

KO Defense

Wolborg Heavy Revolve vs Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Quick'
Wb.H.R: 11 wins (all OS)
V2.K.Qc': 9 wins (4 KO, 4 burst, 1 OS)
1 Tie redone
Wb.H.R win rate: 55%

Wyvern Heavy Revolve vs Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Quick'
W.H.R: 9 wins (1 KO, 8 OS)
V2.K.Qc': 11 wins (7 KO, 4 burst)
W.H.R win rate: 45%

This is a pretty sorry benchmark but when I did these tests it had probably been over a month since I had launched a Beyblade so my sliding shoot was definitely off. But either way Wolborg was considerably harder to move than Wyvern.

Wolborg defintely seemed more defensive in general than Wyvern so I also decided to test it on a more dedicated KO Defense setup but it didn't do so well there.

Wolborg Gravity Unite vs Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Quick'
Wb.G.U: 7 wins (all OS)
V2.K.Qc': 13 wins (2 KO, 5 OS, 6 Burst)
1 tie redone
Wb.G.U win rate: 35%

It did a great job of not getting KOed, but Unite seemed to be a bit much for it burst resistance wise (hopefully Unite' and Keep' will fix this, TT needs KO Defense Layers other than G2 and Baldur) and its Stamina was pretty pitiful as well. If Wolborgh isn't being KOed or bursted, this force from the hits has to go somewhere, so that just kinda makes it lose spin.
I have read the manga. Good tests Wombat.
Tested out the Wolborg Heavy Ωcta combo that LazerBeamz suggested here and wasn't particularly impressed by it.

Wolborg Heavy Ωcta vs Wyvern Heavy Revolve
Wb.H.Ω: 5 wins (1 KO, 3 Burst, 1 OS)
W.H.R: 15 wins (1 Burst, 14 OS)
6 ties redone
Wb.H.Ω win rate: 25%

There were a surprising amount of double bursts here. I tried a few different Heavies/Gravities and none of them could really keep Ωcta from swinging on its opponent. Maybe the more aggressive Driger F would be a better fit here, but I don't have it.

Wolborg Heavy Ωcta vs Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Quick'
Wb.H.Ω: 6 wins (all OS)
V2.K.Qc': 14 wins (2 KO, 5 Burst, 7 OS)
1 tie redone
Wb.H.Ω win rate: 30%

It did performed around the same as Unite, and the bad balance seemed to help it take hits a bit better. However, that doesn't really help when more often than not it would get outspun by a rubber Attack Driver.
Can you test Wolborg Gravity Eternal?
How about Wolborg 8 Fusion-S a stamina type?
(Oct. 30, 2020  6:04 AM)fireblaze1 Wrote: How about Wolborg 8 Fusion-S a stamina type?

This thread is for the Takara-Tomy Wolborg, I guess I should specify that now that Hasbro's made one huh