[Sydney,Australia]Bladers from Sydney!

While we do not provide prizes, we definitely offer as much reimbursement as possible to cover the costs of the prizes. The host just needs to buy it or them on their own.
Beylon: Yes, Hasbro's last beyblade-line releases in Australia were BeyWheelz, we got the cross-promotional Destroyer Dome with Variares or something like that as the only part of Metal Fury, other than that the last tops we got were Metal Masters. Probably didn't help that by the time they released stuff here, given the prices, it was cheaper to buy Takara/SonoKong stuff online anyway.

As a result of Hasbro dropping the line at that point, Australia benefits from Limited Format's existence more than most places, IMO.

(Also IIRC you PM'd me, I'll get back to that PM when I get a chance, been kinda swamped lately with things including organizing a tournament over on the other side of the continent (yep, better get moving or you'll get showed up by PERTH of all places Tongue_out))
lets get back in to be blade i want to start a tournament
Anyone know of a tournament happening in Sydney, please pm me, I am interested in joining.
Sydney has a few hopeful moments from time to time but has basically been quiet for years. There are bladers all over the place but nobody seems to able to unite them all. Maybe it is time?

To all sydney bladers; if you're wanting to hold a tournament and hoping to recruit support through this forum, please, please, please make sure you host your tournament IN THE CBD. Hyde Park, Darling Harbour, The Domain, Circular Quay. Anywhere else is just weird and shady and will scare people away.

Remember, this is the internet and we don't all live in your neighbourhood. Hosting in the CBD is the only way to make your tournament accessible to everyone.
Recent talk is divided between Sydney and Newcastle and I believe there have been a few meetings at Gosford. There appear to be quite a few Sydney bladers but they apprently just lurk here. I'm in Sydney occassionally; it's not hard to travel.
Okay guys I want to create an active Sydney bladers list please post if you are still active on the wbo and would be able to attend a tournament in sydney
Sorry to double post but HMS & plastic Remembrance Day is on 23-24th July if anyone is available place let me know and I'll see if I can do something