[Surabaya] [25 Sep 11] FIGHT CLUB: Collision

I`ll be there soon
The prize isnt decided yet? Chief 2002 - Hmm ...
I'll add Jeff.L and Justin.L to the list tomorrow when I'm on a proper computer, bringing the participants to 26.

Prizes will be

- Custom made beyblade bay (fits 64 beys, glass window, black frame, wall-mounted, with die cut foam holes.)
- WBBA Quetzacoatl 90 WF (Silver ver.)
- WBBA MF Earth Aquila 105 HF/S (Purple ver.)
OMFG that is seriously cool prizes. Good luck to all of you!
Reminder: It's game day tomorrow! Please be on time.

This is an open-participants tournament, but I need your commitments to attend when you're on the list. Bring your friends, parents and fellow bladers too, if they want to compete. I will sign them up on the day, just make sure you arrive early.

I will start the matches at 12 o'clock sharp. Format will be determined after I've confirmed the number of participants. Anybody arriving after 12 o'clock will NOT be signed up.

I will try to get the matches rolling, and finish the day at 1.5 - 2 hours max. Get your parents to be present at 2 o'clock to pick you up. I'd appreciate it if I don't have to wait for you guys to be picked up until 3 or 4 o'clock like last time.

Last announcement: In light of the recent discussion, please refrain from lending / borrowing beys and spare parts from others. Use your own.

Thank you all, and may the best blader wins!!
good luck from the other side of java! BTW, may i see the prize of the bey-carrier? Who ever wins that, ill buy it for $30 Uncertain
Game Day today... Good luck to all participants...

I want the prizes... Uwik: can u spare one for me? :p
Well? Howed it go?
the results :

1st place Marcell e
2nd place stephen74
3rd place emily2000

congrats to all the winners
Pics!pics! I wanna see the bey-carrier so badPinching_eyes_2
Aftermath thoughts:

I was a little disappointed at the number of participants who actually showed up for this tournament. It was originally intended to be 30+ members with Double Elimination. I realized that most have academic examination the next day. A fact, which I was not aware during the proposal of this event. I'm sorry for the participants who wanted to join in, but could not, due to this reason. There will always be a next time.

For those who did show up. 18 people (3 blocks of Round Robin) had a great time. We had fresh champions. Congratulations to Marcell e, and stephen74 for placing 1st and 2nd respectively. Of course, congratulation also to our regular champ: emily2000 for placing 3rd.


It was the end of the MF-H Basalt 230 CS era. Players ventured into new and unusual combinations such as MF-H Basalt__ 230 MF, pure defense powerhouses like Jade Jupiter BD145 RS.

The regular Scythe combinations were ever so present throughout the day, replacing Basalt slowly. Hell only made 2 or 3 appearances. Spin stealers were present with Meteo 85 WD and Meteo TH170 WD. Nobody had Phantom Orion in time for this tourney. It's a shame. It would have been nice to see it used competitively.

To my excitement, stephen74 (2nd place winner) used the attacking power of MF-H LDD BD145 RF, and did extremely well.

As for myself, I did horribly. I finished the day with 2 wins - 3 losses. 2 of my losses were results from a series of mis-launches / self KOs. I had a scythe, basalt, and vari combos ready, but were no use, due to me trying out my brand new untested Hasbro Rev-Up Launcher (lol) This launcher will take some getting used to. I was more concerned on the power of it (due to the gear resistance), than the match itself. A really newbie mistake. No excuses for me. Those who battled me and won have earned their wins fair and square.

I will settle the administrations, and type up the result first. Pictures will come after.

Thank you for all who participated, and another congratulations to the winners.
Hmm, MF-H Basalt 230MF sure can beat MF-H Basalt 230CS easily.. But it'll be suicide if the opponents use low height beyblade's.. :\
Finally manage to enter big 3, and emily2000, you must know, I admire your attitude, you trust your bey so much, so proud to be your dad.
Hope we will not in the same group in the next tournament.