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Full Version: [Surabaya] [25 Sep 11] FIGHT CLUB: Collision
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1st place: Marcell e
2nd place: stephen74
3rd place: emily2000

I'm in
I'm so in
I'm comin
I'm in.
i'm in
I'm coming
I'm in and i Will win again!!!
I'm in top!!!
i'm in
I'm comin
I of course am coming. I'm ready. Lock and loaded.
i'll be there!
Count ♍ϱ in
I've just been informed that the 25th is an exam week for most of you. I truly apologize for not realizing this sooner.

Just to clarify matters. The tournament's date will NOT change. It's still on the 25th of September. I'll switch the format to Block Round Robin instead.
i'm coming
i also in
i'm also in
i also i will win this time
hey...i am coming
hei, don't forget me.... i am coming too
i want to join this competition
I'm coming
I'm in!
Count me in.
Good luck guys! don't count me in, im not joining....
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