Sub to my Youtube/Twitch!

I just wanted to say something before I leave. In my last thread I mentioned a youtube channel. I ask you guys go and sub to it please and also turn on notifications. Im gonna have a long journey with this so I need supports from my subs. Im signing off for now guys. Cya in the future time!


Twitch: (I have no link, sorry guys.) xxchaosascendsxx

If so reply to this and tell me what kind of games I should play.
I need to know right away!

Thanks guys!
no way, dude! (I am not assuming gender)
Hey guys, I just came back to tell you all that I've been doing absolutely GREAT! And not only that, my youtube channel is gonna be a success! I have about 131 subscribers you gotta be kidding me guys!!! I am gonna go a long way with doing this, but the thing I enjoy most about youtubing is having fans and you people to talk to. If I reach 200 subs I will do a massive giveaway! Possibly of even beyblades too if I get the money, but mainly its gift cards for Ps4 and Xbox One for V-Bucks. Guys, my whole school is literally on me because I do this, and I enjoy it so flipping much!! There are no words to describe how much love I've been getting. Thank you all who support me and my channel from this side of the internet. I means a lot to me, NO LIE WHATSOEVER! Those of who you havent subbed to me, I encourage you to at least give it a chance and watch my videos. They're pretty incredible. Ill put my channel below. But the bad thing is youtube has disabled my livestreaming so I will email or contact them about that and talk to them. So for now, I stream on twitch. Check back tomorrow for the link to the channel, because I cant put it in right now. I have also made my own GoFundMe account to raise money for my YouTube channel too. Please donate to me, so that I can raise my channel even higher than its the supposed to be. I will put the link also below. But I cant right now, so check back tomorrow for the link, because I swear on it all it will be here for you guys. By the way, if you do wanna watch me livestream I go live every WEEKEND starting at 3:00 PM WST. (2:00 PM for me) So I encourage you to watch me play, cause its pretty lit.
Anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty shall we? Since I've been so successful with this channel lately and I have over 100 subs, I will reward you all. I will be coming back VERY VERY soon. And I will show you all the power invested in me by beyblade. It burns in me, and I will and I will pulverize the competition. When it comes to roleplay, me and Demon Sparken know how to steal the spotlight. But if we talking real life competition me and Spriggan Requiem will destroy all thats left and leave it in the dust! So all I have to say to my future opponents in beyblade is 2 pairs of 3 words.

My Youtube:


Remember to check back tomorrow for the other 2 links guys. Smile