Strongest MFB you have

Probably my MF LDD BD145LRF or my HellScorpio 90R2F. I don't really have any defence or stamina parts.
ATK: MF LLD CH120RF/R2F | MF Gravity Perseus CH120RF/R2F
DEF: MF-H Earth Bull/Aquario GB145RS/CS (if I were to wear it down)
STAM: MF Earth Bull/Aquario AD145SD/WD
ATK: MF Gravity Perseus D125RF, boi
DEF: Soon to be MF-H Basalt Aquario GB145CS/RS
STAM: Earth Aquario AD145WD
ATK: Ray Pegasus(II) W105RF
DEF: Earth Bull GB145CS
STA: Earth/Burn Bull W105SD
BAL : Flame Gasher 100SF
ATK: MF-H Variares R145RF
DEF: MF-H Basalt Aquario BD145CS
STM: MF-L Scythe Bull AD145PD
Defiantly my earth striker c145 sd, and burn fire blaze 100 rf2 and finally earth Pisces r145 es.
Atk- vari ares BD145MF
DEF- bassalt aquario 230CS
Sta- sytche kerbecs GB145D
Attack: MF Vari Ares BD145 R2F

Defense: MF-H Basalt Kerbecs GB145 RSF

Stamina: MF Phantom Orion BGrin

Spin Stealer: Meteo L Drago 100 WD
Attack: Blitz 85R2F
Defense: MF-H Basalt Aquario GB145RS/RSF/CS(Calm)
Stamina: Earth Aquario 100WD

Getting a BD145 and a ton of other parts in the next couple of weeks, though.
well, my single most strongest bey would be MF lightning l-drago 100 RF, but im also great with these beys: meteo l-drago lw105 (i go better with that than 100 or 90) WD, earth virgo GB145 WD and earth gasher 230 D. as you proberbly noticed, there are no deffence types on my list (unless you count earth gasher 230 D and deffence type). i hate deffence because im terrable with them. even if i used basalt bd145 RS, i would lose to ray unicorno 85 RF.
L-Drago Destroy BD145HFS
Jade Orion C145MF
Beat Giraffe H145R2F
(Sep. 11, 2011  3:37 AM)LR Blader Wrote: ATK: MF-H Variares R145RF
DEF: MF-H Basalt Aquario BD145CS
STM: MF-L Scythe Bull AD145PD

STM: MF-L Phantom Bull AD145SD
rock pegasus D125WB Defense attack earth leone 90r2f
You Fools! He's Collecting your bey data >.> 8) Jk or am I?

(Sep. 11, 2011  3:45 AM)Shika blade Wrote: Atk- vari ares BD145MF
DEF- bassalt aquario 230CS
Sta- sytche kerbecs GB145D

Atk: MF-H vari ares CH120R2F beat lynx GB145R2F MF-H LLD BD145LRF
Def: MF-H bassalt kerbecs 230CS
Stamina: earth bull 90D bassalt ketos TH170WD
Bal: xxxx xxxx BD145xxxx (secret! Don't wanna spoil the fun for halloween horror)
Atk: Hell fox 100RF, pretty good, but wears down if you can't knock it out right at the start.

Def: Earth ketos BD145WD/RS very good for me, my tank bey.

no stamina to be honest.
Variares DD (soon to be MF Variares BD145RF)
Fang Leone ED145MF

Phantom Orion AD145D
Scythe Kronos ED145CS (soon to be MFH Scythe Kronos BD145CS
and MFH Phantom Orion AD145D)

Phantom Orion BD (Cant argue with that)
My CS is in absolute perfect condition for Defense, so my MF-H Basalt Kerbecs BD145CS is really tough to KO.

My most powerful Attack Type is MF-H L Drago Destroy BD145RF. I have an RF with lots of wear for Attack vs Attack, I have a moderately worn RF for all around use, and I have 2 next to mint condition RF's to use against Basalt. I need a LRF or a new R2F though.
DEF: Earth Bull GB145 (Calm) CS
STMEeearth Aquario 100 WD
ATK: LLD 100 R2F.
ATK: MF-H Ray CapricorneD125RF

DEF:MF-H Basalt Kerbecks230EWD

STM:MF:H Phantom LibraGB145EDS OR Basalt LibraGB145EDS
A: MF-H VariAres R145LRF (I have blitz but dont like it)
D: MF-H Basalt Aquario BD145CS
S: MF-H Phantom Bull B:D
B: MF-H Basalt Aquario TH170CS, MF-H Gravity Perseus BD145MF, MF-H Scythe Aquario BD145MB.
Def- MFH Basalt Aquario BD145MB
Atk- MF Blitz Herculeo 100R2F (KO King)
Stam- Phantom Orion BGrin

Balance: MFH Basalt Aquario TR145RB / MFH Hell Unicorno II BD145(aggro)CS

SS: MF MLD (absorb) BD145EDS/TR145EWD
atk: mf Lightning L Drago 100 rf
def:mf basalt bull 230 cs
stm:i don't know XD
balance: mf hell bull bd145 cs