Strongest MFB you have

Obviously you are mini modding, clearly those are some of my best. Favorite and best is basically the same thing in my post. I don't see the problem.

If I was talking about favorite, the beys would've based on looks. But if you look at my post, those are all customized and some are even top tier so clearly you should've known what I meant.
A: Phonic Dragooog SA165(attack) R2F/RF/LRF
SGrinual Cancer F230 GCF or Krackern Dragooon F230 GCF
D:Reviser x2 E230CS
i probably have better but i mainly use these
Duo Gasher W145WD, Duo Kronos S130RS and Gryph Wyvang E230CF.
Attack: Phantom Bull W145JB/Gryph Gryph SA165CS
Defense: Begaridos Killerken E230TB
Meteo l dragon bd
Bakushin 90 MF
Duo Cygnus 230TB
Revizer Dragooon SA165EWD
Revizer Killerken E230CS
Gryph Wyvang GB145RF
Phoenic Balro GB145RF
Flash Orion S130RF
Orochi Dragooon 105RF
balance type

earth gill W145 RSF
Duo Cancer BGrin is one of my stronger combos