Sirius X Blazar

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Country: Registration Date: Jul. 25, 2011

I am the Star blader! Name's Sirius! I create beys and make heavy combos that you wouldnt even think of. My goal: To defeat Kai-V and Deikilo. Im a playfull and strong willed spirit, but when it comes down to Beyblade, i get seious. My stategies will surprise you and my combos will make u enve me. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! XD P.s. I do specilize in the art of BeyMaking. Meaning I make bey parts simply 40% Broken Parts, 30% Random Parts, and 30% Of Inspiration from anything that spins, lights up, or makes me giddy for beyblade! Ask me if you want to see a Tip, Track, Idea, or Concept art of anything you want to make real!

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