Strange Dreams you've had

I once had an extremely real dream in which I went on vacation for 2 months, and when I came back home the whole neighbour hood was full of gangsters. Then the mafia started murdering people puting houses on fire and there were people shooting eachother all the time. So I called my grandparents and my parents and went upstairs to call my brother to leave town and then I got shot in the head. I was so real I can't even describe it. When I woke up I kinda freaked out a bit Chocked_2
last night i wasnt able to control my dream and i kinda was part of the movie tropic thunder
Living in the rafters of a home base with a bunch of squatters inside a fiberglass UFO, while watching out for penguin security guards who were picking us off one by one.
And believe me, I wish I had made that one up.. Mild ADHD = Slightly odd dreams from time to time.
I had a dream that I was Driger...which is weird,Usually I dream Im Draciel.In that dream I was racing against Galeon,Galux,And slash riger (I dreamt slash riger was just a white Galeon for some reason) I ended up losing to..either Galeon or Slash Riger,Cant remember anything pst that XD
This has got to be the most annoying dream ever.

I had a dream i was in a car and it smashed into a tree, i survived and wen i backed the car out of the tree all these beyblades began pouring out of it, Plastics, HMS, MFB's and some random other ones.

*sigh* if only that would happen
dude that would be annoying about the car accident but a major score on beyblades!
i would say that if that happend i would be mad but happy at the same time depends on how badly the car is after hitting the tree
hmmm... everytime i have a dream or nightmare I always remember it the next morning, clear as day
if you can recall them that easily you must have a strong or simple brain control(cant think of the correct words for it srry but i think that kinda makes since?) either way im kinda jelous
what are your dreams about exactly?
lol i hate when i dream ive gotten something i want then i wake up and realise i dont!
dude when that happens it makes my day seem a bit sad Crying
lol i dont let it ruin my whole day i just wake up ticked off in the mourning.
lol just take it all out on your morning and the rest of the day will be nice and easy right? (i wish it was that easy to do o well)
(May. 09, 2009  3:15 AM)josh-jf Wrote: lol i hate when i dream ive gotten something i want then i wake up and realise i dont!

Lol, I know how it feels. I had a dream that I was in the mall opening stacks of beyblade starters and it was the perfect dream...And then i woke up and it was all gone..But i'd say i have 40% Nice dreams, 60% Nightmares Lol.
(May. 09, 2009  1:49 AM)BladeBee Wrote: I had a dream that I was Driger...which is weird,Usually I dream Im Draciel.

I love how normal that is for you. XD
lol i love that the thing he found weird thing was that he wasnt a draciel.
Wow, I can't remember having any beyblade dreams really. Maybe one but it was focused on meeting an old friend rather than the beyblades. =S

You lot must be really obsessed to dream about beyblades this often. My dreams are all boring. I keep having this one when I'm in the garden and there's a really big hole and I always fall into it and wake up. It's getting really annoying.
Lol, i can't comprehend how we sometimes hurt ourselves in dreams, but i've had this dream where I met Bey Brad and he was taking me to some place, bet i got the dream from seeing the topic "Pictures of Yourself!" I've also been having dreams quite often where people i've seen talk to me, and then turn into Cherries! Then they get all mad at me and start attacking like bouncing cherries!! Even WBO members from once again "Pictures of Yourself!" Came up..

Also I have something called Midnight Dream Communication Network. It's where i have a collection of dreams in my head and i dream of friends and as if they are communicating with me lol.
But now the dreams are turning into Nightmares!! lol jks.
I don't remember what the dream was about perse, but I do know I was running up some stairs and I tripped and fell. This woke be with such a jerk I sorta rolled off my bed and smacked my head against the bedside table in the process. Turns out I was sleeping in like the most awkward position.

Carp that hurts!
I dreamed I was a taquito and there were the stick people doing this weird dance in a circle around me chanting "TA-TA-TA-TAAACQUITOOO!!!" Then Atom Ant came out of nowhere and started eating them. Chocked
i had a dream last night well more of a nightmare to be honest there was a huge beyblade battle it was everyone against everyone, the stadium we used was over 2 miles in width, i won in my dream but every beyblade other than the one that i had used was destoyed, i woke up and i was sweating
Last night I had a pretty odd dream.

I dreamed that I went to meet a few of my friends to play some cards. I parked my van outside my friend's house but I left it running because there weren't any parking spaces open, so I was going to run inside and ask if it was alright if I parked in the neighbor's driveway.

When I came back out I saw my van speeding down the street. I was like "WHAT THE?! OH HELL NO" and I started chasing after the person who had made off with my vehicle. I ended up losing sight of them and I got really frustrated. By this point my friends had heard me yelling and came outside after me to ask what was wrong. I told them that my car had been stolen and I'd lost sight of it.

For whatever reason my Mom was staying in a hotel room, so I went back to the hotel room to tell her what had happened. We were standing out on the balcony overlooking the street, and I had my back turned to the street telling her what had happened. Suddenly I noticed the reflection of my van in the sliding glass door behind my mom. I turned around and saw my van parked around a nearby corner. It looked empty. I freaked out and told my Mom I'd be right back and I shimmied down a tree next to the balcony to get down to the street quickly. I called my friends to tell them I had found the van but I needed their help because there were a few people inside it.

They showed up about ten minutes later and my van was still there so we crept over to it. There was someone in the driver's seat and someone in the passenger's. I told my friends to get the passenger and that I would go for the driver. I stormed over to the driver's side and the guy driving instantly panicked. He started the van but by then my friends had already gotten to the passenger and yanked him out of the car. He was down on the ground and they were all kicking the carp out of him. The driver's side door was locked, and the driver threw the van in drive and started speeding off. I chased after him and managed to grab on to the back door, which was unlocked, and made my way inside the van.

I crawled to the front and pulled my keys out of my pocket, then I grabbed the driver by the hair and yanked his head back, holding a key to his eyeball. I demanded that he stop the van or he'd lose an eye. He laughed at me and said "You wouldn't dare, I'd crash and we'd both die" and I was like "I wouldn't dare huh?" and I gouged the key into his eyeball and twisted it. He screamed really loud and slammed on the brakes clutching his face and fell out of the driver's side door. By this time the police had shown up and then I woke up.

Yeah, it was crazy. lmao
I'm wondering if people are starting to make up dreams. Seemingly too many of them involve beyblades. I guess it's possible that people are just hardcore fans but really... it's strange.

Rustin, why is that a nightmare? You won... you destroyed every other beyblade... >.>
other than the dream part that could make a good action scene in a movie
i dont like to make people un happy unless i hate them
Lol, Ryan's like a hardcore action hero now. XD A little creepy but whatever.

And I think dreams often get influenced by what we were doing beforehand. And since many of us would have been on here at some point, it's not all too suprising that we get beydreams.
(May. 09, 2009  7:26 PM)Rocky Wrote: Lol, Ryan's like a hardcore action hero now. XD A little creepy but whatever.

pssh, I've always been an action hero.