Strange Dreams you've had

I had a dream I got 3 dogs and when we were driving a hobo came to my window saying he wanted money and my mom and sister(weird hobo).I closed the window and his fingers got stuck and he said he would kill me. My dad gave me a pocket knife and he started running away saying he wanted to kill me. Ihave the weirdest dreams that will never come true(best part about my dreams is there not going to turn into a Deja vu).
I had a dream that I was sleeping in a museum for the night and a T-rex came to life I ran from it for a few hours but then got eaten and another one I had was when my family and a bunch of other families were camping in the prairie and then a triceratops came and left. pterodactyl came,ate a few people and left. then T-rex came and ate everyone else that survived
including me
(Jan. 22, 2009  1:22 AM)Anu Wrote: I had a dream that my dog became a terrorist...XD Tongue_out_wink

i had a dream were osama was a hollow and we were soul reepers trying to kill him
Station 36 is..... Station 36.

I have really acid dreams.
I was being chased by a rubber-band ball the size of a house. Then a walrus stopped it and said "Go my son, realize your true potential!" then the ball and walrus exploded.

I was confused.
You know the dream wher you wake up in school in your underwear. Yeah, i had that right before school.
And in 6th grade, i dreamt that my administrator became a vampire zombie and bit a teacher who also became vampire zombie and they tried to get every one. Yeaaah.......
Last recent dream, i was with my friends in front of my houe and all of a sudden, zombies came running at us. Me and my friends ran up the hill near my house, the zombies came after us. Then my friends thhrew me on the ground and rolled me down to them like a bowling ball. (Thx a lot dream friends)
I had a dream where I was a Lego Power Ranger when I was younger....
Erm... One was uh.. Basic Zombie apocalypse-type dream, but the zombies were allergic to skin. So...Yeah, plus, some hobo was allergic to air, and then the moon blew up for no reason. Afterwards, a zombie slapped a wall, so the world kersploded. My head then learned to fly.
I drempt that I was in a local K-Mart. I went to the toy section and found fake beyblades. They were all made out of styrafoam and were about as big as basketballs. I found a Hell-Kerbecs and I flipped out and tried to steal it...Couldent even get it under my coat...
I dreamt my father was a ninja... And killed me by accident.
I have nightmares of underground beyblade tournaments *0*

damn them hasbro employees, with their sadistic ad making skills
Well once, I was talking to Harry (Potter), and was in Dumbledore's office. He told me that I had lured him here under false pretenses, because I was going to give him three-hundred Chocolate Frog cards, then he rambled on about Tony Abbot's collection of Simpson's Comics, and I told him I came here because I thought I was going to get millions of Chocolate Frog Cards. Then a zombie came in and ate Harry's head. THEN CHUCK NORRIS ROUNDHOUSE-KICKED HIM. And then, a evil Hedgehog came in and started having babies. Out of it's ear.

They say you have weird dreams when you oversleep. When did you wake up?
I Had a dream just today , a lightning l -drago hit my forehead & i heard a sound to pretty weird , i was just looking at the beauty of LLD before i went to sleep & i was holding it the whole time while sleeping pretty weird
I had a naruto style dream were my friend and i were fighting with those weired knife things ninjas use and then i killed him. this was after watching the naruto episode where it shows that uchia guy that killed his best friend
a dream i had in may got me back into beyblade
I was dreaming i was battling yugi moto in a duel while he was using a deck full of little frogs like dupe frog, flip-flop frog and so on, and i had my deck full of cool looking warriors but i also had a card in my deck which was made of a clear crystal with nothing on it, then i summoned it my sending all cards on my field and in my hand, plus all non-effect monsters in my deck and it was x-saber urbellum, then i used a spell card and it evolved into a night one which had a awesome helmet and looked alot like the spirit of revolver necrus my bey's spirit but with armour on, then it attacked yugi but it went straight through the card and smashed through where yugi was, but instead it shattered like a mirror and i was facing Marik. i then went on to beat the carp out of Marik and his cards which were wimpy infront of 'X-saber urbellum' and 'NEC-ridge, armageddon guardian of infinity!' then i woke up holding x-saber urbellum and hloding it like i had just drawn it...
I had a dream where it was a windy day, I went to the school playground, giant holes in the floor appeared, I was sucked up by a hurricane and lost a shoe, THE END, No seriously, I did.
I had one where it was really windy and for some reason i had my b-daman which is like a custom wing ninja and i just fired into the air and the formed a ring spinning in the air, then i shot one with chineese markings at the middle of the ring and the middle one connected with the others with white lines and then a gate appeared and it opened, i saw two red eyes and then i was sucked into it...
My weirdest was when a friend of mine from school and I were in a frontyard I had never seen before with a stone wall and we were just talking and she said THROW ME AGAINST A WALL!!!
There was more weird carp in the dream but that's the basics.
~_~ wired huh?
i've been having a chain dream that picks up where I left off then I last woke up for the past month. the whole world is a fusion of Zoids and Pokemon and I'm in the role of Ash Catchum and Bit Cloud but everyone in the dream is calling me Ash ( played along till I got used to it). Juggling life, pokemon battles, helping Dawn get to pokemon contest and zoid battle is hard. the characters are like in the animes and I learned that raiding the fridge and having Leena declare open season on me and the liger even though we're on the same team. I have to deal with being with Dawn in the dream then my RL girlfriend when I wake up. I have full control of what I do in the dream world and I feel the pain when I don't get ko'd and wake up.(learned that after getting beat in a zoid battle hard(got sent flying by a missile)) The dream is so life-like vivid that it feels like another realality.
I often dream what happens roughly 3 weeks to 2 months ahead of me. And I won't remember it until it actually happens. But they appear randomly during my dreams, like little movie clips in first person interactive 3-D (real life, really XD). This is no joke, it happens a lot.
I dreamed chipz got banned

and now he is

I predicted something with my dreams.....
(Jan. 28, 2011  1:07 PM)究極のブレーダー Wrote: I dreamed chipz got banned

and now he is

I predicted something with my dreams.....

Maybe that was because everyone saw it coming? Plus, did you dream him as a username or as a person? And you dream about chipz? Chocked_2