[Stockholm, Sweden] Tournament in Stockholm, Sweden?

Why can't things like tournaments and other official businesses happen near me?
I'm in Helsingborg you guys, it will take 5 hours at least if I ever get my drivers licsence and 8 hours if I have enough time to get on a train. (To get to Stockholm.)

I'm royally screwed.

Aren't there any "underground" tournaments or arenas I can find near my location??
Hopefully ones for Hasbro Burst Beys, because I'm not rich nor am I able to order expensive toys from Japan.

I'm not angry, just tired.
As of writting this I should be asleep but instead I try and take my mind off things by indulging in my hobby even when I'm not supposed to.

I can't even keep track of words.. Barely.. See??

(Make more tournaments in sweden please we have it so lonely here.)

I don't know about swedish norms and rules about public places but my suggestion is to meet in some park in Stockholm during this summer 2018.
A place like Junotäppan or Riksplan's park would be fine for me.

I would bring my own collection of Metal saga Beyblades and BB-10 Attack Type stadiums so we can have a tournament if you want.
I can’t go all the way to stockholm and I don’t even have that many beyblades. Sorry. But I’m grateful atleast someone answered.

That said my interest in beyblades is kind of fading again.
I'm sorry to hear that Ru5ty

I was thinking about lending my Beyblades for the time of the tournament, no customizations or a blader is given 3 Beyblades and make any combo out of these.

To be fair I would bring only parts allowed in the Limited format, so anyone can have a shot of winning some battles.

All battles will be held on a BB-10 Attack Type Stadium. I have 3 of them available.

Please gather people and try to agree on some date during this summer 2018 to make this happen finally!

I don't speak swedish so the tournament will be mainly english spoken, unless someone is ready to help and translate and explain the rules in swedish also.

And for you guys far from Stockholm, if you really want participate (if this happens), you will make it!

For me, saddly Stockholm is the near I can get from Finland easily. But I least i'm trying to make this happen!!!
Anyone up for it 2020 or perhaps 2021?. we could arrange a championship around sweden. The winner wins the final battle opponents beyblade.