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Full Version: [Stockholm, Sweden] Tournament in Stockholm, Sweden?
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I am looking for some scandinavian people who wants to arrange a tournament in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo or Copenhagen?

First thing that i want to know if somebody are interested?
i am interested Smile
i am also intrested
i been training a lot and i think i am ready for a tournament
but please make it in stockholm
please make a tournament please please
and i have flame libra
i want tournament i don't care that it's 4hours to stockholm
That would be awesome! I would be there, using my Golden LDrago and Special Edition Pegasus! Make it happen! Let it rip!
i pwn you all hahahahahaha!!!! i got cyber pegasus storm pegasus flame libra rock leone dark bull and lots of more!! hehehe! LET IT RIP!
(Nov. 17, 2010  6:55 PM)masterkelle Wrote: [ -> ]i have a flame sagittario its should be cool if we can battle
and a dark gasher
i live in sweden varberg we could maybe meet somewhere and play Smile
I can proplably help organise a tournament but i'm not sure anyways come on peaple make it happend
I could help or even a arrange a tournament. But I live in Norway so... I can travel to Stockholm to participate, so tell me when it happens Tongue_out_wink
hey masterkelle where do you live ? don't say city you never no who looks at forums
(Dec. 03, 2010  6:50 PM)masterkelle Wrote: [ -> ]why do you wonder were i live
i Want to know if i can help make tournament =D
i also wana help making a tournament but i wanna play tooGrin
Im interested
Simon And Adde are my friends we live here around Varberg too so it should not be too difficult making a tournament at least a small one. There is one problem though, money i have no money and my stadium ( a really old cyber dragoon stadium ) is almost ruined and we gotta have at least a first place prize. Another problem is well getting to Stockholm, it's 4 hours to Stockholm from Varberg and i would love to help make a tournament. So yea that's all i have to say. :\
i am that guy simon and i think we should have it in stockholm because theres only like small kids like 5 and 10 hwo plays beyblade in varberg so please make it in stockholmSmile
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