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Full Version: [Stockholm, Sweden] Tournament in Stockholm, Sweden?
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We can make it in some park =) ? or wait then we have to wait for spring to come. Maybe in the mall ? then you could go to BR if some part brakes i dunno something like that migth work. =) but then we have to have more peaple playing so umn we could leave some papers at BR =) but it will have to say that it's for 8 to 18 year olds or something. What do you think about my brilliant plan =D
not in the mall it will be really imbarising infront of all the peapole but maybe at a park or something Smile
or maybe we can have it in a local or somethingSmile
how many blades do i need to use and if i am forced to use at least three can i use the same fusion wheel then`?
we could have a tournament in some house ?
i think we gotta do something a garage would maybe work rigth ?
yeah but we can maybe have it down at the fotball place in bläshammar you know at the school if so ill take with my l drago arena Smile
tomorrow im going to buy some new beyblade stuff maybe two or three new Smile
it's -10 degrees ... no it gotta be indoors

EDIT: this tread is like stargate universe ANTICLIMAX ... i like stargate atlantis / SG-1 ... Do you like Stargate ?
EDIT2: so have you lost interest or what i mean we want a tournament rigth ........ ?!::!:!?? SOMEONE POST AN IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it should be awesome to make a tournament in stockholm . hope if they to that the winner get a medal and beyblades . i tired the usa and japan have tournaments it time to get a europen tourament .
and more like in finland norway danmark and that kind of things. (:
yea, we swedish bladers can fix up a tournament would love it live at "söder".

sorry but 8-15 years
but isn't it better to have it in a famous park or some thing.
Yea let's say 8+ and i dunno maybe but where ?.....:\
Maybe we can have it in a park at söder maybe just a soulotion.
Where is "söder"??
Södermalm don't you now that, you live in Sweden hu
no... i don't where is södermalm
i think it would be awesome if we could rent a lockal or something Smile Adam do you have any new beyblade!Smile i have aquario stormSmile i could trade it if you want to Wink and the pices its not really good... -.-
i can help to Stupid by the way am i aloud to use my gravity perseus meteo ldrago galaxy pegasis and ray unicorno they r from takaraWink so am i aloud to use them and when is it because im gonna order ldrago destroy when its releast Tongue_out
I can take my three stadiums with me i got one pegasus thunderwhip one mfb attack stadium(havent arrived yetUnhappy ) and my wide square stadium
sure ... if only someone would actually plan something instead of just talking
(Mar. 01, 2011  9:34 PM)simon123117 Wrote: [ -> ]i think it would be awesome if we could rent a lockal or something Smile Adam do you have any new beyblade!Smile i have aquario stormSmile i could trade it if you want to Wink and the pices its not really good... -.-

rent ? are you crazy i'm 13 Tired and no i havent got any new beyblades i have been saving money to buy a guitar =)
Im maybe hosting a tournament in Stockholm in May or June.
The thread seem dead but my biggest question is if there will be a tournament or not Smile
I am interested alot actually.
ok i might make a tournament in sweden for the day after crismas im going to stolkholm for holiday and im a big blader im going to win the american national championship so who can beat me in sweden
This sounds like an awesome idea! I whould love to do it! Maybe late reply but if someone could arrange it it whould be awesome Grin
Yah, maybe a little too late, haha.

That post was from like 3 years ago.

You should try to host something. Get some people together and have a tournament! It sounds like you know some people. IIRC there's never been a tournament in Sweden, but there's a first for everything.
Well this would be lot closer to me than tournaments in USA.
Yes, it would be.

There will be a Summer MeetUp in Helsinki (not yet decided when). But if anyone is arranging in Stockholm I can bring my TT stadiums (3x attack type, 3x wide square, 3x balance/stamina + Zero-G attack-type) for the tournament.
Since hasbro beyblade burst is a recent edition anyone want to hold tournament in Stockholm. I am new to this place so I hope some people can suggest a good place to hold it sometime in June
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