[South East / North East, Ireland UK] The Burning Bladers

There is a new team in the south-east of Ireland called the Burning Bladers. If you would like to join please submit a form in a post. Here's an example:

Nickname: B Blader

Age: (You have to be 11+)

County: Waterford

Favourite BeyBlade: Flame Sagittario

All members are now:



Tourney Name: Burning Bladers Ranking Tournament

Venue: Bandstand, Peoples Park.

Time: 25th June 2pm - 4.30pm
Nickname: Asome

Age: 11

County: Waterford

Favourite BeyBlade: Burn Fireblaze

Please accept me in to the Burning Bladers! I really want other people to blade with!
Favourite beyblade: Storm Aquario
County: Waterford on school weeks and Wexford otherwise.
Current combo: Earth Bull AD145 WD or MF Storm Pegsus W105 RF (I think its actually 100)

XD A team yaaay! Please accept me!
Hi. {Japanese writing} here.
Nickname: Bangflash
Age: 13
Place: Waterford school weeks, Wexford weekends.
Combo: Midnight Virgo 100 CS
Everyone Accepted. You are part of the team but there are no tournaments yet because there is no other teams. But once there are other teams or more members, we will hold tournaments.
I have Cyber Pegasis, Midnight Bull, Flame Sagittario, Flame Aquario and Rock Scorpio. Asome has Lighning LDrago, Night Virgo and Midnight Sagittario.
Awesome, good to know. My three would be Earth Bull AD145 WD, MF Storm Pegasus W105 RF and Poison Gasher/Cancer 100 SF. XD
Cool. I've got one other member on the wbo (FusionGod and Thunderphoenix1 both haven't posted a form but they have to!) and 1 member not on the wbo.
Should we do an inter-team tournament for Bey-day, It would get a ranking for our team, to see whos the best?
Most of our members are 11 just so you know if we have a tournament
We are hosting an inter-team tournament in the peoples park on Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th, the BeyDays. We are only using Metal Fusion BeyBlades.
Adults will be present!
If you have any friends, bring them along and they can join the burning bladers.
(May. 07, 2011  8:25 PM)BurnBlader Wrote: If you have any friends, bring them along and they can join the burning bladders.
Burning bladders LOL. Im sorry, most people have put bladders instead of bladers and I find it funny. Im afraid its only me and Haze who have an interest in beyblade, otherwise I would bring someone.
I dunno, I'll tell him on Monday or else he will see this and post. Im asuming he can come.
That is fine. All updates will be posted when they become available
If we are holding an inter-team tournament, we need at least 16 people. If you have any friends, please tell them they can come and become a member of the Burning Bladers.
We are doing a tournament where you use 3 beys for each round. A round consists of 3 battles between 2 bladers. You use a different bey each round. No identical beys aloud.
That would be great! It is on Saturday 28th at 2 pm. Finish at 4.30pm.