[South East / North East, Ireland UK] The Burning Bladers

This is your last warning! Anymore ridiculous posts and you will be kicked out of the Burning Bladers!
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiii I can't wait for the the 28th I'm so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nickname : BasaltHorogium5

Age: 13

County : Cork

Favourite Bey : Basalt Horogium (surprise surprise)

Please accept!
(May. 13, 2011  5:09 PM)BurnBlader Wrote: Accepted! Are you able to come?

I'm not sure.... I'll look into it! If I come I can bring my Super Vortex and Max Stampede stadiums =)
That would be brilliant. We have a lot of people bringing stadiums and we might not get to use all of them.
Cool. I will find out later when my dad comes whether or not i can go.... but will i really get kicked out if i cant??? :o
Good to know =) As to whether or not i can go, its possible, but no guarantee =) bye for now
My little sister might be coming. (10). If my parent/s stay so will my sister and I was wondering if she could be in some free battles? She has Night Capricorn 145 RF, its good.
Yes we will have free battles. We will have 10 stadiums for free battles. She is welcome to come! If we have any leftover beyblades we might be able to give her some!
Thank you! I've got a little sister aswell.(Except she is 4!) And I would hope you would do the same!
Why doesnt anyone give me leftover beyblades???:L just kidding =) cant wait for the tournament i might be going to!
(May. 08, 2011  4:48 PM)Korinzu Wrote: Do you know of any other teams in Ireland?
im hoping to get a northeast team (Meath,Louth,??????????)please tell me other northeast counties
No. We holding a tournament between our members to get a ranking for our team.
Oh right. So it's not an official tournament?
(May. 08, 2011  9:44 AM)BurnBlader Wrote: If we are holding an inter-team tournament, we need at least 16 people. If you have any friends, please tell them they can come and become a member of the Burning Bladers.

It is just a tournament to get a ranking of our team.
0__o Kay....... i think i can go.... i'll be using Burn Phoenix 100SD, Poison Pegasus SW145HF and an uncustomized (I know, right?) Basalt Horogium =) although maybe i'll replace the 145 track with DF145???