Sonic the Hedgehog

Hi there. So, I'm a Sonic fan. I have been for a while. I made this thread for all the other Sonic fans to talk about their favorite Sonic characters, favorite Crush 40 songs, games, ships, ect. My fav Character is Shadow the Hedgehog. Don't know why. I guess it's because he's an edgy emo anime boi lol.
Cream should have been in Team Sonic Racing.
(Jul. 10, 2019  9:57 PM)Morc Wrote: Cream should have been in Team Sonic Racing.

She's not in it? Wasn't she in the animation SEGA released on youtube though?
I don't remember seeing her in the animations, and she's unfortunately nowhere to be seen in the game either. Not even as a cameo. Everybody's favorite villain Zavok has been shoehorned in the game, though. Woohoo.
I used to be into sonic during the forces hype. Now that forces is out it's just been in the back of my mind. But sonic does have some great games.