Sol Molds

I was playing around with my Sol Blazes the other day and noticed that there are 2 different molds.

Mold 1 = Red Version
Mold 2 = Eclipse and Gold Version

Mold 1 has 6 reinforcement points, while mold 2 has 10 reinforcement points, making it considerably heavier.

For me, these sol blazes are for collection purposes only. I don't battle them, so I wouldn't know the difference in their performances against another bey. This serves as knowledge purposes and references only, until someone decides to test them.
Maybe we could ask DrigerGT to test these? XD but seriously, I would like to see a use for Sol Blaze. It's one of my favorite beys for looks. I wonder if this signifies a great difference in defense performance, since it has a nice shape for it.
Now id be more interested if this was something like basalt . Hopefully this will be good . Id laugh if Sol became top tier
The fact that TT made 2 molds for Sol could mean 2 things:

1. Mold 1 (Red Version) is really terrible with the breaking issue, that they feel the need improve (maybe for safety reasons), despite it not being popular in the metagame.

2. TT simply want to popularize Sol, to make it stronger etc. Hence, the mold change.

or could be something else.. C'mon, 2 molds for Sol?? Is it really necessary?
Interesting! Thanks for the information.

(May. 01, 2011  7:49 PM)Uwik Wrote: or could be something else.. C'mon, 2 molds for Sol?? Is it really necessary?

If TT knows there is something wrong with one of their parts, then yes, of course it is necessary to fix it. They won't say "Oh, nobody cares about this part right now, so we just won't fix the problem!".
Thanks for this info Uwik. Hopefully TT release this wheel in a RB, just because I'd like to get an unpainted version XD
never thought their is weight difference btween thes two

and what is reinforcement point
Reinforcement points are those dots in the metal wheels, determining the points where the metal wheel was reinforced to add strength in that particular area. It's circular shaped, you can look at the image on the OP.

(May. 02, 2011  9:37 AM)BeyFan Wrote: Hopefully TT release this wheel in a RB, just because I'd like to get an unpainted version XD

You and many others (myself included) Stupid

Thank you Kei, Beyfan
Well the mold change might explain the gradual disappearance of the Original Sol Blaze over at Ebay and YJA. Not sure about the Japanese metagame, but recently I've noticed there have been quite a few sales in regards to the original one.

It'd be interesting to know if there is actually any real use for Sol. Aesthetics wise, it seems rather similar to Grand. At least for me.
Whoa ! Great find, Just because we didn't care enough for Sol, we just ignored it. But, when you were staring at it, because it's so beautiful, you found out. [Haha, jokes.]

Anyway, you can strip the black paint, test it, then re-paint it. I wish I had Sol right now. It's pretty interesting.
Sorry for not seeing that. But I wonder which mold of Sol that is.

Sol sucks really bad, it lost to a really bad defense type, in attack. Even though it's not attack based.
Guys I know for one that the black sol mold has more stamina then the other with the v145 track and the spiky tip that it comes with but with the rubber tips it loses stamina very easily.
That does not signify Sol's Stamina. It actually shows the difference of Stamina quality between Rubber Tips and the Plastic S variants...
So, you unnecessarily revived this topic.
Then again, I never knew about these Mold Variations, so probably it was helpful for me, though...
But yeah...
(Mar. 20, 2012  5:28 PM)ashton pinto Wrote: Wonder which one hasbro will release?
it along with the movie has a slim slim SLIM chance of being released let alone the beys but hey guy can dream
Hasbro have already released sol blaze and i think it is black in colour, you can buy it in england
But beys are first released in canada (by hasbro), i suppose? & the movie has not yet been dubbed..
(Mar. 20, 2012  6:26 PM)apple1075 Wrote: we have it

That is Bakushin Susanow. Know your Beyblades, this is a huge mistake.
Omg, I know the difference but i was thinking bakushin, not sure why, anyway didn't hasbro release it in some special Walmart pack or sonething
Regarding the question of IF hasbro ever releases Sol Blaze, it will more than likely use Mold 2, or a mold similar to mold 2, or even Hasbro's own mold entirly. Basicly, just not mold 1

EDIT: If I had to guess, if we even do get to see the movie, then we will have to wait until the end of Metal Masters. Again, only if we even get the movie...
Hmm, I have tested Sol mold 1 and 2 for the metagame but it turns out that mold 1 sucks and mold 2 is decent but it wouldn't stand up to VariAres, Blitz, and Duo in anyway possible. I do agree that Sol has 2 different molds because the rienforcement points and I feel a slight weight difference too. I showed Kai-V the tests for the metagame though Smile
so I got the good mold if I get a Gold Sol Blaze vers. what kind of parts you used to test Sol as defense wheel.