Silver Spring, MD [3/19/2016] Bursting Back Outside


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One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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Hey Maryland Bladers, spring is in the air, so are you ready to return to playing outside? I know I’ve missed the fresh air at our last couple of tournaments!
Note: There is an off-chance I will not be able to attend this tournament, in which case it will still happen just with Stars running everything!

MLK Park (The closest address to put in your GPS is 1098 Jackson Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904, but be sure to look at the map for the actual location of the tournament
which will be beside the pavilion (just above the basketball courts))

Limited noon-2:30
Battle Royale 2:30-3:00
Burst 3:00-4:30


$5 to participate per official WBO tournament or
$15 for a blader passport that covers the cost of all your tournaments for the year
Blader Passport Holder Exclusive: $2 fee for Battle Royale (not WBO official)

DO NOT COME WITHOUT MONEY! While we all love the WBO none of us have the free cash to cover the cost for everyone to play! Also, I will have a substantial amount of Bakuten Shoot, Burst and MFB blades and gear available for purchase! So if you want to get competitive in Burst or refresh your arsenal in either of the previous two generations (including rare plastics/HMS, Takara Orange F230, Zero-G Attack Stadiums and mint Wyvangs) bring some money (I am able to take credit cards!)



Battle Royale: Inspired by the classic Beyblade G-revolution episode, all bladers launch at once and compete against everyone! First blader to win 3 rounds win! Switch your beys as often or as little as you want! I'll be bringing a special extra large stadium just for this! Included as a part of the additional $2 participation fee!


Order of placing selection: L Drago Guardian S130 MB, Wing Pegasus 90 WF, Poison Escolpio 135MS

1st Random Booster 1 Opened Beyblade + blader rewards credits + gold face
2nd Random Booster 1 Opened Beyblade + blader rewards credits + silver face
3rd Random Booster 1 Opened Beyblade + blader rewards credits + bronze face

Rumble Royale
1st Beyblade from Plastics Grab Bag



Would love to see you guys!
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3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

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4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

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I say, count me in!
Sure why not haha
I would love to show up as I am in the area, but this is the weekend where I'm playing in a basketball tournament. Count me as a maybe, because if I lose early one, I'll probably be able to come.
Count me in
Hey, thanks for texting me about this one and keeping me updated. Unfortunately I'm on a very tight budget right now until the end of June when I'll be moving to Tokyo. So at least at this point in time, attending a Maryland event doesn't seem like a possibility for me (I'm on the other side of the state and also trying not to use too much gas). I guess you don't need to keep me updated on these anymore.
I'm also a maybe. Quick question, is there still going to be a tournament on the 26th? I might have a better chance to make it to that one.
You can put me as a maybe for this one, it all depends on if I'm able to convince my mom to take me 4 hours to Silver Spring...
I doubt it
Turns out that my dad had a busy week and might not be willing to take me to this event. So, might not make it...
There's a 90% chance of rain and it's supposed to be really cold is this still on?
Well, I got news on why my dad doesn't want to drive me to this event. Apparently, my mom is having a baby. Soon, there will be four of us children.
Tournament is most certainly still on! In case of rain, we'll be playing under the pavilion! @[BeyCrafter] While that's big, awesome news for your family unless you're mom is due this weekend I'm kind of missing why that would prevent you from coming to the tournament!
My dad had a crazy week, what with work and this, he doesn't feel like driving.
Despite some crazy weather Maryland bladers along with New York, Delaware, and North Carolina did burst their way back outside! Great to see Sniper, TheGrimRipper13, and TheBeyNinja again and to meet ZachBob and stormscorpio1 as well! Considering the weather, 12 bladers was quite a good turnout! I definitely felt rusty considering I had my first non-placing day in burst and didn't place in limited for the first time in almost two years, but on to the results!

1st lawesomeness
2nd *Ginga*
3rd ZachBob

1st Sniper
2nd *Ginga*
3rd ZachBob

Major props to @[TheGrimRipper13] and @[TheBeyNinja] for sticking it out with some of the most competitive players in the world! Looking forward to seeing you at more tournaments in the future!

Fees are accounted for, winning combinations have been posted, and spreadsheets are linked below:
This event was fantastic! @[Time], You were an awesome host, thanks a ton! It was really great to meet the MD crew, I Love you guys! I'll be back again, soon as I feel like driving for 16 hrs (seriously it was worth it though).

Also, I just realized that this event was on the day of my 1 yr WBO Anniversary <3 and marks my 13th tournament :p
it was chilly..
Everything has been processed from these two tournaments, except the Burst event Beypoints of course. I did have to re-process some results since there was a spelling mistake apparently, so hopefully everything is fine.