Should old beys be re-incorperated into MFB?

Poll: Should old beys be re-incorperated into HWS?

I have no idea.../It really doesn't matter
NO! What are you, an idiot?!
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Vote on the choices above based on the question above and then post a description of a bey you would like to see.

Personally, i would enjoy seeing a MFB Dragoon, Draciel, Diger, Dranzer or any of the old beys remade into the MFB series. What are your opinions?

Btw, i dont mean making a DragoonV2 for MFB, no that would be dumb. i would want a brand new bey all with Dragoon in mind (using Dragoon as an example only) when you vote, think about your favorite plastic/hms beys. if you really want, you could want a HWS Bump King! lol.

here is another example of what i mean

Earth Draciel GB145WB

if you really, want, you could make up new parts interly!

Have fun voting

Heck yea. I would buy Dranzer and Zues I dont care how much they cost.
I'm a yes for that, but not earth on draciel. If you like, see my thread that somewhat has to do with this.
um...dont see how MFB explosion thread is relevent...but whatever. let us continue voting!

personally, earth is like the only good defense wheel. counter is horrible and rock is only decent. after that, everything else is an attack or stamona wheel, except for dark, which sucks anyway
YESSSSSSS!!! I cant tell you how much id like to see dragoon!
Where Dragoon is transformed into a MFB
That'd be pretty cool, yeah!
I'd love to have some references to the old series
I would love to see Ray Driger T125 HF and Rock bumpking c145 sf
I would love to have these back again, but I just wouldn't see how they would incorporate into the whole "constellations" thingy. But still, it'd be awesome if they brought them back.

Dragoon FTW!
... I think everybody wants to say "yes", or the majority does anyway, but that makes this topic pointless in my opinion, because as much as you can say that you want them 're-incorporated', the fact is that TAKARA-TOMY will probably not. In fact, a more interesting question would be "Do you think TAKARA-TOMY will bring the old Beyblades back as Metal Fight Beyblades ?", yet even then, it would be filled with so much speculation, and the real answer would most likely still be "no" anyway.

Seriously, this thread will be filled with what we know already exists : the everlasting nostalgia for the old toys that even makes people hate Metal Fight Beyblade.
Nah, I'm tired of the whole hysteria behind Dragoon and Dranzer. Honestly, I think they are both overuse, and played out. They got their time, now it's the new Beys' turn.
I kinda took this idea into my own hands and made a Dragoon Facebolt Sticker, and Slapped it on a White Facebolt, and put the Facebolt on Lightning L Drago, and called it Lightning L Dragoon. XD

It would look more Dragoon-like on Meteo L Drago... Hrm...
Heck yes. But I think they should each get their own metal wheels, too. Pinching_eyes

I mean, Constellations are all fine and good....... but they get boring.
I expect they'll add them eventually. Or at least break the constellations off as the main theme.
Divine Aquario GB145MB. Problem solved.
Kai-V: We all understand that, and nobody is saying MFB sucks. personally i just dont want the older beys to be forgotten is all. and also, this forum is fan based, so why such a negative attitude towards harmless and fun speculaton?

to the post above mine: what? how does that comment relate to my thread?
Going against what everyone says, no.
While I do like the older characters and bit beasts, it is pointless because if less time is spent on the making of characters, more time can be spent on making new parts, etc.
Plus using star signs would be easier than just making up new names for every bey, etc.
(Oct. 10, 2010  4:52 AM)Leonwind Wrote: Kai-V: We all understand that, and nobody is saying MFB sucks. personally i just dont want the older beys to be forgotten is all. and also, this forum is fan based, so why such a negative attitude towards harmless and fun speculaton?

to the post above mine: what? how does that comment relate to my thread?
Because I can predict everybody's comments, hah. Usually, when that can be achieved, it is bad ... But seriously, after people say that they want them to be remembered too and that others think that it is OK as it is now, what do you expect of the discussion value ?

Also, TAKARA-TOMY had a small showcase of old Beyblades at that event that had thousands of participants, but I would really not expect more than that. There was nothing interesting mentioned on that showcase, and obviously almost everybody in Japan has never known the previous series, so it was mostly useless to show them. Only older kids or parents still remember those, but that is not the target audience of Metal Fight Beyblade.
Dragoon and co. Wouldn't fit in AT ALL in this series.
Ginga's reaction to a left-Spinning Dragoon will be "Zomg,Bad guy"*Anime Gasp*
Dragoon and Co. are not constellations. Bit-beasts do not exist in in the Metal Fight Timeline.
Tyson,Ray,Kai,and Max..Aren't they retired and/or dead? Where could they possibly come in?

Remaking them into the new series will ruin the image I have of them. As well as the story.
If they do manage to make them. Instead of "I have L-Drago". The kids around where i live will begin to say "I have Dragoon/Dranzer. It's the best Bey."
Please note

i am not talking about the anime. this thread is strictly toys only!
If you care for it so much make your own, is it realy that diffcult to make a dragoon MFB? or a dranzer MFB? just paint and L L drago or pheonix clear wheel to fit the old beyblades colour scheme, and use a bit sticker on the face and trim it to be the correct shape. You could even use bit emblem sticker if the face being used color matches the bored colour.

i did this agez ago since i like gaia dragoon so much.

Purple pegasis clear wheel, gaia dragoon G bit sticker
[Image: DSCF0194.jpg]
Although these days i use it with the Ray metal wheel since its shape reminds me of the un even ness of gaia dragoon v's AR

you could even use the stickers from EG's bases they fit on the outside bits of most clear wheels

EDIT: sorry about the image size i uploaded this almost a year ago didnt realize how large it is untill i posted again Pinching_eyes
Toys is still a terrible idea, less time spent on characters = more time spent on making beys = more beys. ^^

Edit: Yeah lol, what Dirge said.