My MetalFightBeyblade Explosion Episode:Old School Bladers Meet Their New School Beys

I will be dividing into parts, please don't be antsy.
Also, if there are grammar errors, feel free to revise.

Ginga and Galaxy Pegasis have just finished an epic battle with Ryuuga and Meteo L-Drago. Then after, while Pegasis was still spinning in the arena, Ginga and Ryuuga heard someone say, "Let It Ripppp!! Go Dragoon, attack!!" "Who are you,and what is that?!" "I'm Makato Granger, son of Tyson, and that is my bey, Dragoon." The bey attacked with a fearsome power, but Pegasis and Ginga where very quick to react. "Let It Ri....", but before Ryuuga could finish that statement, Ginga cried out, "No, Ryuuga, this is my battle. I really don't think that is a bey, though." "Go, Dragoon, Hyper Victory Tornado!!!" Makato shouted at the top of his lungs. "(Go Pegasis, Star Gazer!!!)" When the two beys made contact, there was a huge explosion. Then, all of a sudden, Dragoon stared to glow. "What's happening?," all three cried out. Then, instead of seeing Dragoon in the stadium, they all see a new bey. It is the Metal Fight Version of Dragoon, Galaxy Dragoon Wing Fan 125 Rubber Hole Flat. "Whoa, Dragoon just......, evoled!!! Dad will never believe this!!!!" Makato said."Makato, I have been looking everywhere for you, don't you dare run off like that with Dragoon again," said a strange, deep voice. "Pegasis, finish this!!" Galaxy came out with a strong, fearsome attack that knocked Dragoon out of the stadium. "That was an awsome yet strange battle, how did that thing turn into a Bey?" said Ginga. "Son, come here."
Haha, I don't really know what to say about this...
So it's like a book then, I'm guessing ?
Yea, somewhat I guess. The people who I really hope see this are the people like Kai-V and Pryo and Kei and Diamond and Deagor and Oki. Hehehehehehehehehehe.
Nobody got to see my thread?
that's cool tysons son is here so we might get to see tyson again yay
Yeah, can someone please help me with Galaxy Pegasis' Special Move? I would be really grateful. Smile
It was called " Star Gazer " , as I recall.
Thanks, do you like the story so far though?
nice hopefully kai's, max's and ray's child show up too