Selling large Beyblade Plastic/HMS Collection (CAME BACK, NEW STOCK))

Hello everyone.I prepared a list for you what i have in my collection.
All beyblades are Takara Tomy :)

Hello, I had some health issues.
I came back.

New beyblades

2x Black dranzer mint
Torch pegasus
Desert sprinxher
Dranzer G

I opened webpage;

I can ship to worldwide.(i sold from this page to worldwide more than 10 people )
Up to 3 piece beyblades $5 (USD 5) for tracked shipping.It arrives between 1-2 weeks.
No worries about custom/tax issiues.Located in Europe.Until this time I sold many people and there was no any customs problem until this time.
And anyone didn't pay extra money for customs.

Paying will be via ;

Paypal ( finally added ) 
Bank transfer (I have local bank accounts in UK,New Zeland,Australia,Germany (Europe) )
Western union,
Transferwise ,


There are more than 250 beyblades for selling. Just I am not able to add all here. You can send me message about whether I have that beyblade which you are looking for.Also for photos of them.

additional you can check my instagram for extra photos and you can contact me from there too :)

Note : i have so many used beyblades.If you are searching for any Takara Tomy beyblade used please contact me 


Wolborg MS NIB USD 145  > 125 USD SOLD
Round Shell MS NIB USD 65 
Dragoon MS (blue edition) USD 110
Sea Drake MS USD 65 
Dranzer MS (red edition) USD 150
Dranzer MS (purple edition) USD 140
Driger MS USD 55
Driger MS (white edition) USD 60
Gaia Dragoon MS (yellow edition) USD 50
Advance Eterner MS (blue edition USD 55
Advance Eterner MS (dark green edition) USD 60
Advance Guardian MS (brown edition) USD 60
Advance Guardian MS (dark green edition) USD 60
Einstein MS USD 70
Einstein MS (purple edition) USD 65
Death Gargoyle MS (red edition) USD 100


I prepare these with special orders.Also there is one Galux in stock now.

Galux USD 110 > 90 USD
Falborg 2  USD 125 
Falborg 2G  USD 150 (with Engine Gear+EG winder)
Thunder Pegasus 
Vanishing Moot 200 USD > 160 USD

Next custom beyblade probably will be Vanishing Moot.


Driger G USD 50


Poseidon (Yellow edition New in Box) USD 200 > 150 USD
Apollon (Purple edition New in Box) USD 180 > 140 USD
Venus (Blue edition New in Box) USD 160 > 130 USD
Killer Eagle (Red edition New in Box) USD120 > 90 USD
Galeon 2 (Orange edition New in Box) USD 130 > 100 USD
Dark Driger (New in Box) USD 70 
Dark Dranzer (New in Box) USD 65
Dark Draciel (New in Box) USD 65
Dark Dragoon (New in Box) USD 75
Trygator (Black edition New in Box) USD 120

Dark Driger USD 50
Dark Dranzer USD 45
Dark Draciel  USD 45
Dark Dragoon USD 50
Trygle 2 (orange) USD 120 


Galeon (Gold plated version New in Box) USD 100 > 80 USD
Galzzly (Gold plated version New in Box) USD 95 > 75 USD
Galman (Gold plated version New in Box) USD 90 > 75 USD
Draciel F              (New in Box)  USD 55
Wolborg 1            (New in Box)  USD 75
Master Dranzer     (New in Box)  USD 50
Master Driger        (New in Box)  USD 50
Master Dragoon     (New in Box)  USD 50
Metal Dranzer       (New in Box)  USD 40
Metal Dranzer       (Black Editiıon New in Box)  USD 50
Salamalyon           (New in Box)  USD 60
Wyborg                (New in Box)  USD 55
Seaborg 1             (New in Box)  USD 65
Galman                 (Green edition New in Box)  USD 45
Seaborg 2            (New in Box)  USD 40
Galeon                 (New in Box)  USD 65


Driger S  £22
Dranzer S  £22
Dranzer F £22
Wolborg 1 £22
Wolborg 2 £22
Galeon    £22
Dranzer V  £19
Dragoon V £19
Driger V £18
Trygle £17
Galman £17
Galzzly £17
Draciel S £16
Trypio £16
Driger F £15
Draciel F £15
Seaborg 2 £13
Master Dranzer £13
Master Dragoon £13
Master Draciel £13
Master Driger £12
Metal Dranzer £12
That’s a ton dude,nice collection.
photos added guys.You can send message after checking my list and photos :)

Battleburst Thank you for that!
Sold one Black Dranzer
Also Sold one Burning Kerberous NIB

1 x Dragoon MSUV(there is another dont worry)
1 x Wolborg MS
1 x Advance Eterner
1 x Dragoon V2
1 x Dragoon F
1 x Dranzer V2
1 x Dranzer F
1 x Draciel V2
1 x Draciel F
1 x Driger V2
1 x Driger F
1 x Burning Kerberous
1 x Gaia Dragoon V
1 x Burning Kerberous(NIB)
1 x Black Dranzer

(Jul. 19, 2018  7:01 PM)Drigerbey Wrote: Any black dranzers left?

Yes there are 2 black dranzer like MINT Takara brand
Just got my blades. Great seller and trustworthy.

-Voltaic Ape
-Metal Driger
-Wolborg 4
-Dranzer S


Note : Before paying via bank transfer,Please ask your bank how much commission they take for avaoiding bad situations after transfer.

Added Bitcoin paying.You can way with bitcoin also Smile
Hello cool product's i will look into buying one some day

But Im Looking For These In Burst Form Grin


Thank you my friend.Soon it will get update and there will be one of largest collection what you saw Smile
!Bump there are new beyblades and soon here will be hot Smile

Soon i will add new beyblades Smile
Also paypal will be added soon i think

NIB Wolborg MS
Capricorn Strike g
Trygle 2 G
Orthros G
Blizzard Orthros
Trygle 2
Galeon 2
And more than 50 beyblade added :)

One dranzer ms SOLD.

added transfergo section for payment