Selling large Beyblade Plastic/HMS Collection (CAME BACK, NEW STOCK))

Hi, is that Orthros G’s original Engine Gear winder?
(Aug. 24, 2018  8:30 PM)KinkoUsagi Wrote: Hi, is that Orthros G’s original Engine Gear winder?

Yes my friend everything is original on it

All prices reduced and got discount around 1-5 pound (£)
I'm trying to buy one of those dark series beys
(Aug. 31, 2018  12:50 AM)DruBrady Wrote: I'm trying to buy one of those dark series beys


Yes you can.
Black Dranzer F

1 piece for each


Galux Added with 2 photos.

Shipping price reduced if you buy 1-2 piece.(Around $7-$8)

Falborg 2/G will be added after a few days
Do we get launcher inside of box

And how much Drigger MS cost + India shiping
(Jul. 08, 2018  3:32 PM)tanerow123 Wrote: Hello everyone.I prepared a list for you what i have in my collection.
If you are interested with one beyblade text me and ask price before low balling because you will just waste your time.
But please no low balling

I can sell face to face in Turkey,Istanbul or ship to worldwide.
Shipping prices you can check here.TURPEX fastest shipping.PTT Koli is slowlier way and cheaper.
For example shipping to England is $17
If you buy just 1-2 piece beyblade i would offer you better shipping prices with tracking number just text me Smile
Almost all beyblades are MINT like you can see on photos.

Paying will be via ,TransferGo,Western union,Transferwise,bank transfer,BTC or EcoPayz.Paypal isnt working in Turkey sorry my friends because of this.
Cheapest and fastest way TransferGo and WesternUnion and TransferWise.
Before paying via bank transfer,Please ask your bank how much commission they take.
ALL is Takara TOMY original brand except Capricorn strike G,Trygle 2 G and orthros G they are hasbro.

[Image: 9hmjh3.jpg]
[Image: x6hq9y.jpg]

[Image: suwmbn.jpg]
[Image: 2vkggnt.jpg]

[Image: PDJno6.jpg]
[Image: 2lcnpfr.jpg]
[Image: 6z4qdd.jpg]

[Image: v2tpgg.jpg]
[Image: 2q8ddhd.jpg]
[Image: 2hz0p6b.jpg]

[Image: 13z3csk.jpg]

[Image: 6humhd.jpg]

[Image: 14905z9.jpg]
[Image: 10de9m9.jpg]

[Image: 2j4wy6c.jpg]
[Image: 21aire0.jpg]

[Image: 2075990.jpg]

[Image: 1125y4y.jpg]

[Image: 3027sw8.jpg]

[Image: 1olt8w.jpg]
£ = Pound.
Dragoon MSUV  x1  
Dragoon GT     x1   
Dragoon G      x2   
Dragoon V2     x1     
Dragoon V      x1     
Dragoon F      X1    
Dragoon S      x1    
Dragoon S      x1(NIB)  

Dranzer MS     x2   
Dranzer GT     x1  
Dranzer G      x2  
Dranzer V2     x1     SOLD
Dranzer V      x1 
Black Dranzer  x1
Dranzer F      x1 
Dranzer F      x1(NIB)  
Dranzer S      x1  
Dranzer S      x1(NIB) 
Dranzer AutoCB x1

Driger MS      x1 
Driger G       x1 
Driger V2      x1           SOLD
Driger V       x3
Driger F       x2  

Draciel MS               x1 
Draciel V2               x1 
Draciel V                 x1 
Draciel F                 x3 
Draciel F                x1(NIB) 
Draciel S                  x1 

Wolborg MS             x1             SOLD
Wolborg 4                x1             SOLD
Wolborg 3(U1)          x2   
Wolborg 2                x2   
Wolborg 1 Ice Blue  x2      
Wolborg 1               x1(NIB)  

Master Dranzer      x2          
Master Dranzer      x1(NIB)    
Master Driger        x2           
Master Driger        x1(NIB)   
Master Dragoon     x1           
Master Dragoon     x1  (NIB)  
Master Draciel       x3          

Metal Dragoon      x1           SOLD
Metal Dranzer       x3            
Metal Dranzer       x1(NIB)   
Metal Dranzer       x1(NIB)(black) 
Metal Driger         x1            SOLD

Wyborg               x1(NIB)  
Wyborg               x1          
Wyborg Black       x2          
Seaborg 1            x1          SOLD
Seaborg 1            x1(NIB)  
Seaborg 2            x3           
Seaborg 2            x1(NIB)   
Trygle  1              x2          
Galman                x2          
Galman Green       x1(NIB)  
Gallzly                  x1   SOLD
Galeon                 x1           
Galeon                 x1(NIB)    
Trypio                  x2          
Salamalyon           x1(NIB)  
Salamalyon           x1          
Flash Leopard       x2           
Flash Leopard       x1(NIB)   
Griffolyon             x2          
Voltaic Ape           x1     SOLD
Cyber Dragoon     x1         
GuardianDriger     x2       
Kerberous            x           SOLD
Kerberous            x1(NIB)    SOLD
Gekiryu-Oh          x1          
SparkingAttack     x1        
RollerDefencer     x1           
Kids Dragoon       x2            
Wing Attacker      x2            
Flame  Pegasus    x2           
AdvanceEterner    x1           SOLD
Round Shell MS    x1(NIB)     

Dark Driger          x1(NIB)    
Dark Dranzer        x1(NIB)    
Dark Draciel         x1            
R.Booster 8          x1(NIB)

GaiaDragoon MS   x1         
GaiaDragoon G     x1

Hey! How much for the used old beyblades?

Purple poseidon hold
Sniper scope hold
Hello, is the Dragoon MSUV still available and is the running core's two small teeth undamaged or braking off? Thank you in advance.
there is no any broken or damaged part on it