[Selling]  Selling NIB URIEL 2 FOR 60$ fixed price

Hello everyone, this is my selling thread!

Beys I have For Sale

Plastic Generation

Dragoon V Fire Blood Version 15$

Dragoon V Gunmetal Version 20$

Uriel 2 NIB 60$

Metal Fight Beyblade

Important Notes. Please Read Smile
You get what you see.
Trades are welcomed, but may not always be accepted.
I don't accept returns.
I don't sell fakes unless mentioned.
All are authentic Takara, Sono kong or Hasbro.
Condition of the beys is as shown in the pics
Make an offer, if the price is not mentioned.[/u]
Nothing is kept reserved unless agreed upon request.
Please check the condition of the bey before you buy, or ask me for close up pics via PM.
Prices are mentioned in US dollars and can be converted on the day of purchase.
I accept Paypal. Please send the payment as "Gift". If you choose the option as goods/services then you will have to add another 5% to the amount because PayPal charges 5%.
If you are from India, I will gladly accept bank transfer.
I ship within working days as I am not free always
I'll be accepting the currency in yen most probably
Shipping is around 1$ or 3$ max
Outside India
Registered Post cost is usually 3$ for 0 - 50 grams, and will be incremented for above 50 grams. The package cannot be tracked outside my country.
Delivery takes around 10-18 days
EMS is too expensive, around for 0 - 50 grams[/color]It comes with a tracking number and you get your stuff within 7 days. Yes, i will provide the receipt of shipment.

If you need more details PM me or ask your questions in this thread

P.S. Thanks Ashton and FIREFIRE for helping me out making this thread
You should probably clarify that the black Dranzer V is painted/Dyed since they didn't release a black one.
(Dec. 14, 2015  1:37 AM)Ultra Wrote: You should probably clarify that the black Dranzer V is painted/Dyed since they didn't release a black one.

Oh never mind that then. I only collect black dranzer. (very specific; but there are variants and they make a nice mini collection)
Updated !
Added driger v2 and dragoon v2 along with dranzer gt Zeus and black dranzer
Check out the pics in the link. Shoot a pm with offers.
Selling at a good price !
Hey, at least you added new stock, but try not to bump your topic less than forty-eight hours after the last post.
OK, you need to stop double posting now. If you have something to add and that forty-eight hours have not passed since the last post, you need to simply edit your last post, you cannot just reply again and add a second post in a row. If you continue doing this, we will have to give you a warning.
Updated my thread with new stock..
Dark series beyblades and cyber dragoon pearl
Kai-V I will keep in mind what all you said..
This were the last stuff..I wanted to add

If i need to add something more I will edit the post..
I'm interested in Zeus and Burning Kerberous. I will send you an offer by PM.
Sold the following:
1) zeus
2) black dranzer f
3) dranzer gt
4) apollon nib tidal blue
5) burning kerberos
6) dranzer g
Now just keeping dark beys for sale
Rest of the stock will be updated in June
When I am free with exams !
I just got some beys from him. He's extremely relieable seller and his prices are also little shocking

Thanks Sahil for dragoon g Wink
Driger v2
Vortex ape
Burning kerberos
Dranzer v2
And Dranzer s
Awesome they were
Received Dranzer v2 and driger v2
Both in awesome condition Thanks to sahil
I would recommend buying from him any time!! Smile
Did deal....n package...is awesumm... Money is paid off... Jus awesum stuff... Thanks bro...✌ will surely deal agn...
Just got the package bro. Awesome packing and such great condition. Thanks for the extra gift bro... Great seller, highly recommended.