[Selling]  Selling Legend Beyblade Set, HMS, MFB, Plastics & more

bump.. have many MFB beys, PM me for details, pictures will be provided on request.
How much for 85 spin track?
bump. have Big bang pegasis, fang leone, flash sgto etc.... PM me for details. remember i will only trade sell at tourneys.
thanks for rock zurafa, ray gill, and string launcher at low prices!
still have 2x rock leone, poison serpent, thermal lacerta, flame libra, thermal pisces, 2x flame sgto, dark bull, dark gasher. many many Metal wheels of meta fusion and masters beys
if you want the pics post in this thread and i will post the pics here itself..
bump. still have many, many MFB beys. post here if you want pics.
i will trade you a part of big bang pegusis for draciel ms

(Mar. 24, 2013  11:35 PM)phil910 Wrote: i will trade you a part of big bang pegusis for draciel ms

pm me your offer!
BUMP.......... fang leone and big bang pegasis traded with christophermk !!
bump... if anyone has l drago destroy i will be ready to trade something for it instead of selling...
Hey is the W105 track in good condition?
Also do you have any Girago chrome wheels for sale?