[Selling]  Selling Legend Beyblade Set, HMS, MFB, Plastics & more

bump .... i have still more beys yes i have all this
and more....PM me if interested, or post if you want to see the pics
bump.... sold some random stuff at the tournament.............
EDIT: will be adding stuff
pm sent abut stadiums
Hey does anyone have a blitz striker or flash saggitario?(both with mode change) I will trade just about any bey. pm me and we can work something out. Thanks!! Smile
are u selling a string launcher? if yes then plz tell me Smile
is the duo uranus still on sale? or has it been sold?
Anyone have a TT omega dragonis, diablo nemesis, TT fang leoan pm me so the trading can commence
guys i have not mentioned any stuff here for sale, even though i sell ..i am a bit busy this year, and i always don't see my thread, just PM me....
Do you sell a draciel ms
(Jul. 30, 2013  5:15 AM)jojojo110 Wrote: do you have anything left

Pm him Tired
Pm me if you guys want anything... ....then I will post the pics...
Do you have a Cosmic Pegasus energy ring, and a Death Quetzalcoatl spark effects facebolt, fusion wheel, and spin track
Do you have any of those HMS spare parts left? Pm me!
bump... many beys added with pics! check out the trades ill accept. you can even make your offer.