Selling My Beyblade Collection! UPDATED w/ Burst!

I have quit Beyblade and am now selling my MFB and Zero G and some Burst collection. I am a reasonable guy and will be willing to negotiate prices. Right now I only have this lot up on here but I have a lot more Beys so please feel free to contact me about a specific Bey or accessory 

1. Only ship to USA
2. Only accept PayPal
3. Message me through WBO or conatct me on the Line app @ExoticsKing
4. Comment below with any questions, or contact me
5. All my items are authentic and made by either Takara Tomy, Hasbro, or Sonokong.



( Green ) Wyvern Heavy Survive   { NEVER USED }                

( Teal ) Deathscyther Armed Blow  { NEVER USED }

( Red ) Wyvern Heavy Accel { NEVER USED }

NIB Beys:

Twisted Tempo 145WD ( 1 In stock )

Lightning L-Drago 100HF ( 1 In stock )

Mercury Anubis 85XF ( 1 In stock )

Ray Unicorno D125CS w/ Bey Point Card ( 1 In Stock )

Used Beys and Accessories:

Beypointer ( Black )

BB-10 ( Black ) [ SOLD ]

Beypointer ( Blue )

Cosmic Pegasus( HyperStrike Battle Set Ver. ) MINT

L-Drago Destructor( HyperStrike Battle Set Ver. ) MINT


Pic #1:

Pic #2:

Please give me offers on it if you are interested in anything.
PM sent
(Dec. 29, 2016  1:08 PM)ashton pinto Wrote: He said that he only ships to the US

No problem lol
Bump, Updated Inventory
Sorry forgot I have to do pm.
Hey I'm in the US can u send to me
(Jan. 13, 2017  8:20 AM)MasterBladerYT Wrote: Hey I'm in the US can u send to me

Yeah I would be more than happy to sell you stuff, please pm me