[Selling]  Major HMS Sell-off...coming soon(?)

I've got at least one color of every HMS Beyblade, my son has lost interest, so considering a collection sale. More to come...
What ? No launching techniques ? This topic begs to differ :
You need pics of everything you're selling.
So you are not selling the HMS here?
No, the rest of the stuff stays on eBay. You're welcome to ask questions here, but I don't spend a whole lot of time camping my posts so I might take a bit to reply.
OK, but one more thing:

If you are going to sell the HMS on eBay, start the biding low, or at $0, because usually people are not going to buy a bey that is worth $150 for $350.
someone did, but thanks.
Well, you don't get that everyday, haha.
OK, it's 10% off all the prices listed above (except Draciel G, because I'm not paying someone to take it)
(Mar. 19, 2013  6:49 PM)Munsoned Wrote: Pulling this late tonight and listing these in groups on eBay. Anyone still interested is welcome to bid on them of course, but exclusivity here has left me only with a distinct lack of results. On a positive note, I should be completely safe from receiving an increased warning level for excessive selling threads. I'll still announce things here on my selling thread, but all this time and effort has netted me about $19. I make that every 15 minutes on ebay...

Well then go back to ebay and ignore the fact that some of those sales could have come from the free advertising this thread amounts to? Maybe it has done nothing for you, in which case, don't spend the effort complaining about these "silly" rules like only making one selling thread rather than spamming the forums with multiple ones like any good, sensible person would consider completely okay to do.
Not sure where I complained about rules, but if you say so...
bump up the jam, bump it up, while the jam is bumpin'
The picture doesn't work for the MA-17 since you forgot an image tag.
Thanks - fixed it.
how many bb10s you have left? i know for that price they probably went fast. i might be out of luck by now correct?
(Apr. 07, 2013  6:12 PM)MirageShagon Wrote: how many bb10s you have left? i know for that price they probably went fast. i might be out of luck by now correct?

'More than 10 available'. Check his eBay listing .. ?
No! I have LOADS of them. There are 17 left and another case or two (6/case) in transit. If you need one, it's there.

And if you want to do the transaction outside of eBay, it's $1.60 off (so $30.40 + shipping) on account of saving the 5% fee.

Posted some new HMS Beyblades and lots, and a Zeus for under $100!
It's a silly question, nvm.
Obviously different. What a silly question. Firstly no one would do that and secondly one is NIB and the other is mint with the box included.