[Selling]  Burst Hasbro & TT - Brand New in box

Hi All,
I have for sale the following
Located in Melbourne Australia. Approx shipping locally is $8-9. International Price on request. All Prices in Australian Dollars
Thanks for looking

[Image: 1A6J4hQ.jpg]

B-90 3 on 3 Battle Booster Set - $75
Contains Galaxy Zeus.4M.Pl
Guardian Kerbeus.H.R
Mas Miniboros.Q.Q

Xcalius X3 - $45
Set with Sword Launcher (** 2 available **)
Spryzen Requiem S3 (White Launcher) - $32

Z Achilles A4 (Dark RED Version With Green Launcher) [b]-$28[/b]
Unicrest U2 (Red & White version with Blue Launcher) [b]- $25[/b]
Wyvron W2 (Purple version with Blue Launcher[b]- $25[/b]
Luinor L3 (White Launcher[b]- $32[/b]
Caynox C3 (White Launcher) [b]- $32[/b]

Hasbro Dual Threat String Launcher [b][b]- $20[/b][/b]
How much for the caynox c3 and the red dual threat launcher
(May. 25, 2020  12:25 AM)raymond9911 Wrote: How much for the caynox c3 and the red dual threat launcher

It says their price in the thread. Please look closer next time.
Rules are hard to read I guess. It's only listed in text at the top of the Beymarket subforum.

"All sellers must post photos of their items with a visible copy of their username written/printed on a piece of paper to verify that they possess the item they are selling. Threads which do not have this will be closed."

None of these pictures have your actual username in them, these look like they're images from elsewhere. Not certain you actually have these. Closing thread.
Image received, thread reopened. Are you prices in US dollars or Australian dollars? People are going to get confused unless that's specified. You're in Australia, so I'm assuming ASD.