[Selling]  ☆ 【 SELLING 】 ☆ RARE Plastic & HMS beys - " NIB - ZEUS" and also " Zero G beys

thanks for your help, but I already sent him a pm about it a few days ago

but of course your answer can be helpfull for other people

(Dec. 16, 2012  1:19 PM)Benjohadi Wrote:
(Dec. 12, 2012  6:21 PM)Fou Wrote: I would like to know this is your website http://hobbyjapan.ocnk.net/product-list/47 ?
And also how much cost the chipping to france and how long would it take.
for the first part, yes..it is his web site..
for the second one...the cost of shipping will depend on the weight and the type of shipping that you want..

I have just added some HMS beyblade on my site

just have a look maybe you will find the beys you need

I wanna black dranzer and dranzer A-29 shotter.how much money it?
Recived my Beyblades today! very happy order coming very soon! Smile
Hi. Is it cheaper to buy on WBO than it is on your website?
I'm interested in Wolborg MS.

Just got the package and came safe and sound. Thanks so much! will order plastic from you later!
I received my lot today (22 Beys, [Voltaic Ape, Wolborg 2, etc.], 2 grips, Launchers). Thank you so much! I plan to buy some Zero-G later.

(Oh, and thanks for the BBA stickers and extra Bit Chips too) Smile
received the package today! Thanks, has always were very well packaged!
Hey there Smile I sent you a PM!
I hope you got it~
Thank you for your time
Hey ! I Would be interested in buying these :

-dragoon v
-draciel v2
-driger v2
-voltaic ape
-dragoon s
-driger s
-wolborg 4
-wolborg 2
-gaia dragoon V
-driger F

Also if you happen to have any beyblade with a Wide Defense Weight Disk, I'd really need it !

I Live in montreal, QC Canada and im wondering few things about shipping so please
let me know as quick as possible ! Thanks alot !

--- uh i think i posted this on the wrong thread before.. i have no idea how this did happen Tongue_out i was looking at both at the same time so maybe something messed up, anyway sry about that .

Please let me know as soon as possible ! Thanks .
My parcel arrived today. Thank you for the quick dispatch, and shipping!

The free gift(s) were also nice.
My purchase arrived yesterday, and I picked it up today. I am thoroughly satisfied! The items were in better condition than I expected, and they were just beautiful!
They also included six BBA stickers which I'm so grateful for!
Thank you so much! I will be buying again very soon!
Can you please contact me when you have more Galzzly Beyblades?
me, christophermk, and ashton pinto have received the beys we ordered from you. recommended seller!!! thanks for the free gifts... A++++++
My plastic lot arrived yesterday !

Thank you for selling me those extremely rare Beyblade's at such reasonable prices. I really appreciate you throwing in the free Metal Dranzer too !
Can you conbine shipping and how much is it for shipping to Ireland?
Thanks for that blue dragoon MS, it looks epic in person
Cant wait to get that red Samurai Changer.
My beyblades arrived yesterday. Very good condition, free item to, and thanks for the cyber dragoon stickers. ^^ Very good seller! Thanks for selling me those beyblades.
Ah forgot to say is My Lot 19Z arrived yesterday there amazing Tongue_out my Seaborg broke ;-; gonna try get that 1Z lot soon. Great seller S+++++++++++++~ Always do EMS from him the shipping is Very godly Smile
Do you still have the Dragoon F, or which dragoons do you have?