Salty Spitoon: Losing Stories

Well, the title nearly says it all. Got a story about a bey battle you lost that made you really sad/angry? Lost a part in a beybattle? Share your experiences here.
I'll start:
Back in plastic gen, me and a couple of friends decided to hang out and battle using combinations of magnecore and engine gear beys. I remember it was an old Thunder Rumbler Stadium that really didn't make any battles interesting (it almost felt the same as if you were playing on a flat surface like flooring or a desk, they never go to the center and had a center bump as well) but thanks to that tray they were somewhat better. I decided to use my good 'ol dranzer V2 against some kid's custom with a magnecore ring. Going into the battle, my dranzer wasn't into the best shape having a white mark (kinda thing that occurs as if you were trying to bend a hard piece of plastic in half, I don't exaclty know what it's called) on dranzer's support part/ring. Being younger, I didn't really care about it and continued. During one battle, the kid's custom was affected by the magnecores, as usual, but ended up doing a movement that ended up delivering a hit with major recoil to my dranzer, causing a giant crack in its AR that made it fly off, and pretty much caused it to "burst" in the same way beyblade burst does nowadays. The "burst" also sent my dranzer's bb into the custom, which made the custom break the damaged ring as well. Guess who ran off and was salty for a week, haha? Never found that AR since.
Well I won my first two battles at the last tournament and then proceeded to lose eight in a row, no big deal... I was not overconfident, my launch strength was on point, my Beyblade selections were educated but of course subject to the chance of double-blind, etc. I know that some of our participants have already lost that many battles, but either they did not care because they were a parent, or they were not nearly as prepared anyway.

In French, we call that a "déconfiture".
Nice thread pal. Though little negative side (no offence) but we can share our experience and improve for future.

Anyways my experience! Lol i lost many times but these were special due to i was so close to victory but did 1 small mistake lol

1. At last event, i was battling with ashton pinto. I was using an Attack type and he was using defence/stamina hybried. In first 2 rounds, i KOed his combo easily but in round 3 i became overconfident and launched carelessly, my combo got koed in round 4 i wasn't able to ko it and he won again. In last round i got scared if i will misslaunched and i did and lost lol. I'm not angry or anything (cuz battles was so Explosive and fun), but i really willing to improve (won't be overconfident or scared lol)

2. Same person. Same score. At last round i didn't twisted xcaliber force xtreme properly so it explode in last movement. Lol i was still happy that xcaliber perform just like i thought (real life testLibruhhh)

3. It was story from 11 year ago. I was using Dragoon MSUV and my Friend was usnig an HMS combo. As he was 7 year older then me, his launch was much more powerful. Lol idk what mistake i did but he koed my msuv in final round and it cracked (Thats why the CRACKBLADER. as a crack can decide your victory or lost )
Alright, so about 5 years ago at a ToysRUs tournament I breezed through my matches, beating everyone pretty easily using Earth Pegasis 100WD and an unmodified Storm Pegasis. (most were about 10-12, around my age at the time. Everyone's launch was extremely weak, and I was one of the only ones with a Beylauncher and Launcher Grip) Yeah, I was a real Pegasis fanboy back then, though I still kind of am mostly because of metal system Pegasis's looks/memories and etc.
This was in the horrid Hasbro stadiums as well, so you would think that a standard Storm Pegasis would do horribly, but in fact I won quite a few battles with it, with the Earth combo leading the way.

Then, I met my opponent at the final match. He had the same setup as I did, Beylauncher w/Launcher Grip, but he had the new troll of the time, Flame Byxis (I and everyone else only had Hasbro beys, none of us had Libra).
Then, I decided to be an idiot and use a regular launcher for ensured launch control. And with that, it was easily his victory. Then for the second battle, I decided to be an even greater idiot by bringing out the Storm Pegasis, only making it easier for him.


And what's more, is that there were supposed to be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, but instead the organizer decided to give all of the prizes to the victor only, making the day even more sour. And finally, even though we were all handed out coupons for reduced prices for Beyblades at the store, my mom refused to let me use them! Of course utilizing the same retarded cliche to prevent me from developing my Beyblade infrastructure, "You have too many."

Tired I didn't do anything in Beyblade for a while after that.

Then yesterday at a WBO tournament, I decided to become the troll and use a 230 combo, MF-H Hell Cancer 230D. I originally planned on using RS, but I swapped right before the tournament in hopes of having superior stamina. Anyways, lost both the matches I used it in, all battles lost by KO! What the actual baloney is it with me and 230?

230: Never Again