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Bey Brad
Today we revealed our redesign and complete rewrites of most of our rule books and resources, all in the name of creating a better experience for all bladers. It couldn’t come at a better time: Beyblade Burst is already out in Canada, and a worldwide release is mere just on the horizon. We’ll experience a huge boom in membership, and we’re excited to take it on.

But our investment in the future has left us little for the present, with our funds hitting their lowest levels in years. We’re asking bladers everywhere to help our volunteer organization keep running amazing events, giving away tons of great Beyblade gear, and building the ultimate online experience for Beyblade fans.

And speaking of great Beyblade gear … we worked with Takafumi Adachi, creator of Metal Fight Beyblade/Beyblade Metal Fusion, to create original character artwork for the World Beyblade Organization. (More info on that here.) This crossover between one of Beyblade’s legendary artists and the passion of a fan community is monumental, and we’re thrilled to make it available to you.

As you can see above, we've made some awesome t-shirts using Takafumi's artwork, along with this great double-sided tote bag:

Get any WBO x Takafumi Adachi t-shirt or tote bag for $35 USD and receive 3x Bit Booster Generations Vol. I — a collection consisting of highly sought-after Bits from all eras of Beyblade’s history, old and new!

Bit Booster Generations Vol. I is also available to anyone who’d like to make a donation of $5 (x1) or $10 (x3). Just send a Paypal donation to and include your username in the note.


Your contributions make it possible for us to do cool stuff on the web (as you’ve seen today), fulfill our goals of shipping kits full of Beyblade gear and organizer resources to local Beyblade communities, and run bigger and better events at a time when we are most poised for success.

Finally, for those most dedicated lifetime bladers, we’re making available the Eternal Passport: a lifetime membership to WBO Beyblade tournaments and Passport-exclusive giveaways.

In exchange for your generosity and dedication, you’ll also receive the Eternal Bit and an exclusive WBO x Takafumi Adachi “Eternal” Hoodie, complete with custom username detailing on the back, along with WBO cards and stickers.

When I founded, it was already my third attempt to create a Beyblade tournament organization. I had toyed with the idea before, under the name International Beyblade Association, but it just never clicked. Until 8 years ago, it did. It did and all of this crazy stuff happened and now we’re here.

We built an international Beyblade tournament-sanctioning organization, complete with online battle tracking. We worked with the artist of Metal Fight Beyblade. We’re basically making anime real, here. The WBO is the only place on earth where this could happen, and the generosity of our community is what has made that possible so far.

So if you can, please consider showing your support at this time when we need it most, while getting a killer piece of Beyblade history to keep with you. (But if you want something to keep with you for free, check out the Taka & Fumi thread, where we’ve made some wallpapers available!)
Dude this is awesome!!! Great way to end a not so great day. Thank you WBO!
Sign me up for everything (that I can afford haha)! Will be placing my order soon.

The totes, shirts, and hoodie look seriously incredible (maybe my favourite detail is the "BEY" text above the pocket on the hoodie). And Bit Booster Generations is jammed with awesome stuff; really hope I can pull the ULTRA SECRET RARE mystery Bit!

But as excited as I am about all of the awesome merchandise we were able to produce, I'm even more excited for what the support from the community of this fundraiser will mean for us going forward and what it will make possible for us to do.
[Image: 5G3COjR.png]
Sent some money in now just waiting for my bit boosters Smile
Will purchase the hoodie once I can, possibly in January. I love the details, especially the fact that your name can be on it! I'll also make a purchase for Bit Boosters of Vol. 1 soon. Smile
ashton pinto
Quote:Finally, for those most dedicated lifetime bladers, we’re making available the Eternal Passport: a lifetime membership to WBO Beyblade tournaments and Passport-exclusive giveaways.
Can this be repharsed? By we are making the Eternal Passport available, does this imply that the Eternal Passport can be purchased?

EDIT - Ah NP......... I just understood. Its a brilliant idea, I was looking forward to get this
I cannot wait until Christmas is over and I can afford to buy that absolutely incredibly tote bag that I swear I will bring to work every single day. Hahah
Just ordered our shirt- can't wait to get it!
Got it! looks awesome
What's this? The generosity from the fundraiser is forcing Bit Booster GENERATIONS I to appear everywhere?! Quick guys, take these!


Two Rares and an Uncommon! Awesome!


An Uncommon, Rare and Ultra Rare! Wow!

Angry Face

Clearly you lucked out! The Ultra Secret Rare Proto Libra is here as well!


Three Rares! Amazing!


Thirteen Bits? You went all out!


Two Rares and an Uncommon!


Three Ultra Rares?! How good is your RNG?! 


Ultimate Dragoon and the new Dark Amaterios? Nice pulls!


Triple Chaos?! That's a triple Ultra!


Two Uncommons and an Ultra Rare Chaos Bit! Fantastic!


Both of this set's Ultra Rares?! Today is your lucky day!

~Mana~ - 

This selection is nothing to be Ifraid of! (I'll show myself out...)

Thanks for your continued support everyone! Your orders are being processed and are on their way to you now!

There's still time to grab some of our Anniversary products guys! But be quick, they'll be leaving the store this month!
C a o S³
I've just participated! Now waiting for my bit boosters :)
Thanks so much for your support everyone!

And yes, be sure to grab the anniversary sets while you can as they will be leaving the store this month! The main physical items (shirts, tote bag, etc) will still be available, but they will no longer come with some of the added anniversary-exclusive bonuses like the stickers and Bit Booster GENERATIONS vol.1.
(Mar. 12, 2017  9:56 AM)C a o S³ Wrote: I've just participated! Now waiting for my bit boosters Smile

Special delivery!




Amaterios Dark Ver.! It's a Rare!
I would like the Amaterios Dark Ver pleases
(Mar. 16, 2017  5:14 PM)Jcb31012003 Wrote: I would like the Amaterios Dark Ver pleases

To get a chanceto receive one you have to donate to the WBO
Just an update for everyone who has purchased an Anniversary Set that contained stickers: we finally finished having those produced and they just arrived to Kai-V today. Hopefully we can get them shipped out soon!

All t-shirts, tote bags, and eternal hoodies have also now been printed and shipped.

The only other remaining item to be produced are the brand new WBO Promo Cards that are to be included for people who purchased the Eternal Anniversary Sets.

Further updates will be posted once we've shipped the stickers and cards!
I'm so super excited to receive my tote bag! Also really happy about my GENERATIONS pulls. It's always nice to get some new Bits in my (still small) collection.
Yeah, I'm so excited for that and also my eternal hoodie! And I'll have to go back and buy the Taka shirt sometime ...
In case you missed our post about a week ago, I thought I should let you all know that tomorrow night on Tuesday, April 11th (we pushed back the date a couple days) our 8th Anniversary Fundraiser will officially be coming to a close. This means all of the Anniversary Set bonuses–stickers, cards and Bit Booster GENERATIONS (Eternal Set only will keep the Bit Boosters)–for our WBO x Takafumi Adachi t-shirts, tote bag, and Eternal Anniversary Set will be expiring! Pick them up now with these bonuses while you have the chance and support the WBO!

View Our Shop

And of course, I’d like to take this opportunity to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us so far with this fundraiser. We hope you’re enjoying the new merch! I've been wearing my hoodie constantly haha. Your support goes a long way to help us with site hosting, providing prize reimbursement for our tournament hosts, giveaways, development of new site features, and more!

Things haven’t been progressing as quickly or smoothly as we would have hoped since our anniversary, but we are continuing to push forward and make improvements to the community and site experience wherever possible and it is your support that helps to allow us to make it all possible!

[Image: 4YKlkLr.jpg]

[Image: 6nFuqNy.jpg]

[Image: PcWSKv4.jpg]

As a final note: to anyone who purchased (or purchases by tomorrow) the Eternal Anniversary Set, Kai-V is still in the process of getting the cards printed and will be shipping both those and the stickers you are owed together once they're ready. Thanks for your patience!

And anybody who is owed stickers from the other Anniversary Sets only should have already received them, or they should at least have been shipped already.
I made a $15 donation and haven't received my boosters? :) Happy to help.
(Apr. 11, 2017  2:49 PM)sharkee9 Wrote: I made a $15 donation and haven't received my boosters? Smile Happy to help.

I'll look into this for you and make sure you receive them soon. Thank you!
Time is running out, but I come with gifts for the following supporters:


You pulled Chaos Black Ver.–an ULTRA RARE–in just three boosters! Nice.


An even split of Uncommons and Rares!


Was really hoping you'd pull an Ultimate DGoon–I mean, Ultimate Dragoon–but I think you came away with a nice haul nevertheless. Smile

Thank you again for your support!
Thanks Grin Awesome bits!