[SSS] [USA, Oregon] Oregon Bey Trail, August 11th


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One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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Oregon Bey Trail! Oregon's first tournament!

Date: August 11th
Place: Rivals Fantasy Games
315 E. Main Street Suite B, Hillsboro, OR 97123
Time: 2pm, but try to show a little earlier

Kanato Dolsrin
Maze (still needs to be confirmed, along with his sister)

ToyWiz list:
Gen Blader
Easy E

I'm trying to find another friend to come along too. And there should be at least one walk in...

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I just got a phone call from Nano. He's got 9 people there! Grin

I've never been so excited for a tournament that I'd never have the chance to go to.
Oh yes. Toywiz and us were worried about this tournament.

Now I just really hope all the rules were followed.
I told him to call me if he had any issues. Pocky and I were highlighting the problems that may occur with following rules earlier as well as quizzing him on it via Facebook. He wasn't sure if super attack was still allowed, so I had to clarify that with him.
I wonder how this went xD
I just called the store. So far, Nano hasn't lost a match, but the tournament is still going.

I am so overly excited for this.XD
I can't wait to see how Nano does! I hope he wins his first (?) tourney, that would be such a great experience for him Grin I wonder what he's using?
I want to know how Kanato is doing! I would have thought she'd be the one winning this, assuming she had an extensive collection of beys.
That Surprising o_o

1st: ScottPilgrimWBA
2nd: Nano
3rd: Kanato Dolsrin
Wow, I never knew people were posting in here while it was going on XD

Thanks for the support guys, in both wishing me luck, and helping me with the running of the tournament.
After this, I'm sure I can have more in the future Smile Maybe even a Winter break one, if I get enough people Smile

Things went pretty smoothly, nothing big happened. The only real problem was figuring out who was going to battle who. But, now I should be able to figure it out easily for now on.

Thanks Deikailo for all the help! I was able to call you, and get an answer quickly! You and Pocky helped me prepare by testing me on Facebook, and that really helped.

I also had lots of help from kanato dolsrin and her sister. Her sister kept track of all the battles, and made the brackets. Kanato helped me with the judging, so we could do two Beybattles at once, making it so we finished in time.

I also got positive feedback from everyone, even the parents! People kept asking when the next tournament would be. Hah, it felt good to see everyone happy Smile

And big thanks to ToyWiz for the prizes, and the stadium!
Congratulations Nano on a tournament well done. The collective effort of members to make it successful makes it all the better.
Nice job on your first tourney Nano. Hopefully when I do mine, it will be as successful as yours! Grin
Yea congrats im sorry missed it. If i can get more of a heads up on the winter
beyblade event ill be able to get there with my sister and help you out with it.
Hah, thanks guys!

And Maze, I hope to see you at the next tournament I host!
Nice, Nano!

Good thing to see you starting one!
when are you gona post the points on are pages?
Thanks to everyone who came out! Prize codes have been sent to the winners. If you attended and would like a 10% discount code, I'll be glad to send one to you, just PM me here please!
Pictures! Grin
You guys look like you had fun :p I love that carrying case in the beginning lol.
CLAPS good job Nano now read my pm about a tourney and thx can I copy one of the pics
(Aug. 17, 2011  3:38 PM)ScottPilgrimWBA Wrote: CLAPS good job Nano now read my pm about a tourney and thx can I copy one of the pics

Read it.

Go ahead if you want. I don't think Kanato will mind.
*CLAPS* it was fantastic fun!!!!!

im so glad it went well! pictures are all free for the taking! i just wish i got more but it was hard watching everybodies battle and taking pictures at the same time LOL.

oh how i would like to learn from my mistake and beat you all.........but anyways thats another life time HAHAHAHAHA
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