(Nov. 07, 2013  4:56 AM)rriffy Wrote: i know this thread is a little old but by any chance are you still selling the bb10 stadium?

Yes I am,
PM me
Hey. Could I Buy A Scythe Kronos Off You During This Week? I Live In Toronto. Also Just PM Me I'll Tell You The Location And Time We Could Meet Up Smile EDIT: Also I'll Probably Get A BB-10 Smile
I Pmed you about meeting up, please reply to it soon Smile
If you are still active, I would like to buy a BB-10 and Basalt Horogium. I would like to meet up with you anywhere,but I'm not sure when. Thanks in advanced
(Feb. 17, 2016  12:26 AM)jonahblader13 Wrote: PM sent!

The seller hasn't been on since September 2014...