[Roanoke, VA, USA] 5/28/2016 - Termibeytor 2: Judgement BeyDays + 1 More! (Burst)




One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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[Image: 48769fc5467f445e227ab5c77d23aad8-da33hpc.png]

Darrell Shell Park, 6318 Merriman Rd, Cave Spring, VA

Tournament Registration: 11AM-11:50AM
Tournament Start: Noon | Finish: 3PM

Virginia's First BeyDays!

Yo, Virginia Bladers, who's ready for BeyDays?!

This event will be held under the picnic shelter at Darrel Shell Park, behind Penn Forrest Elementary School in the Cave Spring area of Roanoke, VA. The standard $5 entrance fee will apply, and as always, Blader Passport holders will bypass it. Prizes for first, second, and third places will include Faces, Credits, and their pick of either a Beyblade Burst Starter or Booster from here!

New Experimental Format? Whaaat?!

In addition to the day's main event, we will be running a second, official-unofficial Burst tournament with the following modified rules:
  • Spin Finish: 1 Point
  • Burst Finish: 2 Points
  • Over Finish: 2 Points
  • No-Contact KO: 1 Point
  • To Win: 3 Points
There will be no entry fee for this tournament, and it will not be processed or have physical prizes. However, credits and faces will still be awarded to winners and participants.

But wait, there's more!

BeyLotto — Win Huge Prizes!

[Image: beylotto.png]

All participants in BeyDays tournaments will be automatically entered into this crazy giveaway. Therefore, the more events you participate in, the more chances you have at winning a prize! Check out the BeyDays 2016 announcement thread for the full list of prizes and ways to win!

What's Beyblade Burst?

Beyblade Burst is the third generation of Beyblade that launched last July 2015 in Japan, and should begin appearing in North America sometime by the end of 2016. If you are not familiar with Beyblade Burst, please take a look at our Beyblade Channel In-Depth Review Video covering it.

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If you think you'll be able to make it out to Termibeytor 2: Judgement BeyDays, please post here and I will start building an attendance list!

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  1. Angry Face
  2. mario07
  3. Morkad
  4. BeyCrafter
  5. ZachBob
  6. TitanTactic7
  7. Copper Spark

Possible Attendees:
  1. jizeru1
  2. Tanker
  3. X-Monster
  4. raiyanblader
  5. Stormscorpio1

Need-to-Know Information

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2. Arrive On Time

You must arrive by the tournament start time to enter. We cannot add new players to an event once it begins. If you're running late, contact the host.

3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

We do everything possible to ensure a safe environment, but can't be held responsible for lost or stolen goods. Keep your gear close by!

4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

This event is likely to last at least a few hours. If you can't commit to the entire tournament, you're welcome to come watch and play for fun instead!

5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

Your name will be called when it's time for your next battle. If you need to leave early or take a break, tell a judge. Missing a match could mean disqualification!

6. Players Must Meet Regional Product Age Restrictions

All players in this event must meet the age restrictions on Beyblade products in their region. TAKARA-TOMY recommends Beyblade for ages 6+. Hasbro recommends Beyblade for ages 8+. Players under these ages may only participate with the permission of their parent/guardian.

7. Players Under 18 Must Be Accompanied by a Parent/Guardian

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Awesome, another BeyDays event Grin Hope everyone can make it out!

With regards to the experimental format tournament, I'd request that everyone really does their best to play seriously and to the best of their abilities while considering the new rules. We're trying to measure the impact this change would have on player behaviour and viable strategies, so your experiences will help shape the future of WBO competitive play. Smile

Best of luck everyone!
Well I unfortunately had to cancel my trip to Toronto for Beyblade North... but at least this is happening! I'll be there for sure. Grin

I'm pretty eger to try out this new format. I definitely agree that over finishes should be worth two points but I'm not sure how I feel about two-point bursts yet.
I have confirmation that I shall come join this Beyday event! I'm excited to use my new parts, so expect the unexpected from me in this tournament.
(May. 21, 2016  6:39 AM)ZachBob Wrote: Well I unfortunately had to cancel my trip to Toronto for Beyblade North... but at least this is happening! I'll be there for sure. Grin

I'm pretty eger to try out this new format. I definitely agree that over finishes should be worth two points but I'm not sure how I feel about two-point bursts yet.

Sorry your travel plans fell through, but it's great that you'll be joining us for BeyDays!

(May. 21, 2016  11:08 PM)BeyCrafter Wrote: I have confirmation that I shall come join this Beyday event! I'm excited to use my new parts, so expect the unexpected from me in this tournament.

Yo, seeya guys Saturday!

Just wanna remind everyone to bring water and wear sunscreen today. It's gonna be HOT!

Seeya in a couple hours!
The battles were hard fought, but in the end, one Blader rose above the rest... Twice!

Termibeytor 2: Judgement BeyDays
1st: ZachBob
Neptune Gravity Revolve
Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Accel

2nd: Morkad
Deathscyther Heavy Claw

3rd: Angry Face
Victory Valkryie Heavy Xtreme
Deathscyther Gravity Revolve

Termibeytor 2: Tester Tournament
1st: ZachBob
Neptune Gravity Revolve
Deathscyther Gravity Revolve
Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Zephyr
Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Xtreme

2nd: Morkad
Deathscyther Heavy Claw

3rd: Kellin
Unicorn Limited Defense
Trident ___ ___
Ragnaruk Wing Accel

Victory Valkyrie and Deathscyther were the big players in both tournaments today. IMO, V2_X is the best straight Attack type Layer-Driver setup in the game at the moment. With at good launch, you can KO or Burst almost everything, as we observed today, ha.

The day started off a bit poorly when I got texts from Copper Spark, TitanTactic7, and IOnlyUseQuake about them not being able to attend, however, we still ended up with 7 players for both tournaments, with @[Kellin], @[Caiden25], and @[Lashae08] joining ZachBob, Morkad, BeyCrafter, and me for the Beyblade frays-that-were!

Both events, despite the low player count, were definitely highly competitive. Between ZachBob, BeyCrafter, and me, we had enough competitive parts and launchers to loan out to Kellin, Caiden25, and Lashae08, who came only with Metal Fury and Shogun Steel Beyblades. Thanks again for loaning out your equipment, you guys!

We finished with both tournaments by about 3:30PM, much earlier than I'd anticipated, partly due to the low player count, but also because Attack was super prevalent in both tournaments. The tester tournament was actually over in almost an hour! Burst and Over Finishes being worth 2 points made a huge difference in both the length of the tournament, as well as the outcomes that arose from the possibility of potentially being done with a BeyBattle in just 2 rounds. We'd noticed in the first tournament, where all match win conditions counted for only 1 point each, that a 2-0 point advantage for an Attack type in a match from KOs could easily turn into a 2-3 point loss as the result of failure to score that crucial third KO.

While I didn't place in the tester tournament, I definitely felt as though the modified format was more fun to spectate. It was much more exciting to me to watch a match where one player's Stamina combo could have a 2-0 point advantage against an Attack type when the Attack type suddenly scores a freak KO or Burst Finish to bring the match up to an immediate tie. It not only added another level of tension to the game, but also seemed to raise the spirits of the player who was losing only moments before and remind the player who was winning that no BeyBattle, regardless of score, is really over as long as their Beyblades are still spinning.

Attack types still require as much skill to win with as before, but I think these rules make it much easier to win when you use them effectively. After all, the system totally rewarded me for my adept usage of V2HX in the first three rounds of the tester tournament--but I messed up my launch technique every time after that against KAC, DHC, and ULD. Overall, though, I really dig this format and would love to play it again!

Thanks again to everyone, especially ZachBob and BeyCrafter, for coming out today to make Termibeytor 2: Judgement BeyDays a hit! Details on our next event should be posted in the Virginia tournament discussion thread in the days to come.

Till next time!

EDIT: Man, triple post...? *forever alone Smith*
Ill help out Grin ; But well, looks like you guys had a ton of fun at the tournament Smile I sadly couldn't make it because me and my parents bought a new car on the tournament day...
Results Spreadsheets:



Processed, and Faces and Credits have been awarded. Let me know if you see any errors. Congrats, everyone!