Richmond.,VA The Bladers unite!

ok im thinking about doing a tournament i need someone to bring the tt stadium through and lets try this out!
place: pending
date:ang. ?
fees:5 bucks plus wbo fees!
You can't host a tournament in Toys R Us in the USA. Their Public Relations department forbids it.
well then......where can i host it at?sorry im kinda new to this still.
You should probably host it in Richmond. There aren't enough bladers in this area, trust me.
Even so, there is already a topic for Virginia:

Aren't you friends with Meradie? You should ask her to help out. I can also give you the attendee list for the tournament I had in Charlottesville.
ok yea i am i need to contact her and thanks for helping
You can't do money for prizes. That would be like gambling. You also need to gather interest first. Use the topic I linked you to.
ok then i will
hey cant u come because i still need judges